Postfity with the title: G2 High Performer in Fall 2021

September 29, 2021

We're happy to announce that Postfity has been awarded the title "High Performer in Fall 2021" by G2.

According to the G2 review, Postfity is among users' favorite social media planning tools of fall 2021!

How does G2 award these badges? Based on recent user reviews!

G2 is a software review platform where verified users share experiences and feedback on software and tech. To put it shortly: G2 "High Performer in Fall 2021" is the title given to Postfity by users.

What is a G2 report?

G2 Reports helps users discover the right solutions to solve their real-world business problems.

According to G2’s High Performer Rank, Postfity is a top-rated Social Media Scheduling tool with over 90% of positive reviews.

What do users love about Postfity the most?

#1 User experience

We’ve been praised for the user experience. Postfity is easy to use and very intuitive.

This user loves Postfity social media scheduler for being easy to use.

#2 A real time-saver

With Postfity you can schedule your posts to 5 different social media platforms (and even 200 accounts) at the same time. Postfity also provides useful tools, like Snippets, and functionalities like "Reuse post" that help you save a lot of time while creating and planning social content. Postfity also helps you work with content for social media in teams and with customers (i.e. by sending them posts Drafts for approval as a simple link).

Postfity customer review for G2 High Performer

#3 Tips and being helpful

Terri loves Postfity for being a complete, yet affordable social media scheduling tool.

Postfity offers tools to help you in the content creation process, such as:

  • Social Tips Calendar, with ready-to-use posts relating to holidays, famous quotes, etc. with hashtags and pictures for every day of every month.
  • Holidays Calendar and Ideas — that we share in the Calendar view, so you can easily add them to your scheduled social posts. With these features you are one click away from preparing inspirational content.
  • Snapshot generator — a simple way to change plain text into a ready-to-be-posted images.
Social Tips Calendar and Holidays calendar

So if you're looking for the best social media scheduler — be sure to check Postfity out. :) Join the group of more than 150,000 marketers and entrepreneurs planning their social content with Postfity in a fast and user-friendly way.

What else can you do with Postfity social media scheduler?

Postfity makes it possible to:

To see the full list of features click here.

Final words

There are great new Postfity features in the works — as we continue on our mission to give marketers and entrepreneurs the most useful tool for social media scheduling and help them save even more time! Stay tuned for updates, and if you're interested in learning more about what users think about Postfity — check out Postfity profile at G2.

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