Post Planner Alternatives — Price, Functionality, Similarities and Differences

February 8, 2021
Post Planner landing page
Post Planner homepage

Post Planner is a social media content marketing and scheduling tool for content marketers that is popular due to its powerful planning and scheduling features. However, for content marketers who are on the lookout for Post Planner alternatives, this post will explore the other options in detail depending on what you are looking for from ease of use, to supported networks, pricing, features and value for money.

Post Planner Alternatives - Table of Contents

Post Planner Alternatives for Different Social Media Platforms

Post Planner supports scheduling to the following platforms:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Instagram,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Pinterest.
Post planner supported social networks
Post Planner social media networks supported

Let’s take a look at how they compare with other tools for each social network in the market.

Best Post Planner Alternatives for Facebook

Post Planner supports content scheduling to Facebook pages and groups. You can create your own library of content, automate publishing, see what your stream is posting, schedule and analyze your posts.

If you are looking for other solutions, these 3 tools will be sufficient for the same features:

  • Postfity — publish content to Facebook pages with ease. You can upload content in bulk for scheduling, schedule to several Facebook pages and create Facebook graphics on the go. The content calendar also helps you stay on top of your content schedule by a single view of what’s posting when. Try Postfity for free today!
postfity post planner alternative for facebook
Facebook scheduler on Postfity
  • Kontentino — streamline your workflow with clients and ensure content is approved faster and scheduled to Facebook pages on time.
  • Coschedule — comes with a task manager to enhance team collaboration and a scheduling feature for content to publish on Facebook profiles or pages.

Best Post Planner Alternatives for Twitter

Post Planner supports scheduling content to multiple Twitter profiles.

If you are looking for alternatives to Post Planner that can execute the same function and more, see these 3 options below:

  • Postfity — Publish or schedule content to multiple Twitter accounts. You can schedule up to 10,000 tweets to multiple accounts at once, bulk upload content to start scheduling, manage client accounts as a team with different levels of approval and monitor your content schedule using the content calendar.
postfity post planner alternative for twitter
Postfity Twitter scheduler
  • Kontentino — get the approval of your content from clients and schedule to publish to several Twitter accounts. Also comes with a calendar for tracking your content plan across various dates.
  • Coschedule — task management tool that also has scheduling capabilities to help you plan and schedule content as a team to multiple Twitter accounts.

Best Post Planner Alternatives for Instagram

Post Planner supports scheduling to Instagram accounts. You can plan, preview and schedule your content to Instagram and even create your library of content.

Content marketers who are looking for Post Planner alternatives with powerful Instagram capabilities can check these 3 below:

  • SkedSocial — this is an Instagram-first tool that is focused on agencies and teams who publish visually striking content. The tool comes with a content calendar and graphics editor to make your images more appealing before publishing them.
skedsocial post planner alternative for Instagram
SkedSocial homepage
  • Planoly — also Instagram-focused tool for scheduling Instagram content. Best for eCommerce companies who want to link items in their images to their storefronts.
planoly post planner alternative for instagram
Planoly homepage
  • Later — an Instagram marketing tool for automatically publishing or scheduling content to multiple Instagram accounts. Analytics tools also show you how your Instagram content is performing.

Best Post Planner Alternatives for LinkedIn

Post Planner supports scheduling content to LinkedIn business pages. It allows you to watch your LinkedIn content stream, automatically publish or schedule content and build your content library for using later.

These 3 alternatives are great options for marketers who are on the lookout for Post Planner alternatives:

  • Postfity — schedule content to both LinkedIn personal profiles and business pages. You can tag other LinkedIn users to your posts right from the Postfity interface, bulk upload content to start scheduling, and schedule over 10,000 posts to multiple accounts at once. This tool also has a content calendar that helps you track all your content in one single view.
  • Kontentino — schedule content to publish on LinkedIn business pages and track all the content in your calendar. You can also track the performance to find ways to improve content marketing efforts.
  • Coschedule — schedule content to multiple LinkedIn pages, use the drag and drop calendar for content planning and track your content schedule in one single calendar view.

Best Post Planner Alternatives for Vkontakte

Post Planner does not support Vkontakte scheduling but this tool below is one of the best alternatives for Vkontakte:

  • Postfity — supports scheduling content to Vkontakte groups, pages, profiles and events you manage. You can bulk upload content to start scheduling, schedule up to 10,000 posts to multiple accounts at once and track all this in your content calendar to stay on top of your content plan.
postfity post planner alternative for vkontakte
Postfity Vkontakte scheduler

Post Planner Pricing - Cheaper Post Planner’s Alternatives

cheaper  post planner alternative
Post Planner pricing

Post Planner’s cheapest plan is the Starter which supports 3 social profiles, 300 scheduled posts and 1 user for $4 per month.

In comparison, this is how Post Planner alternatives are priced:

  • Postfity — the lowest plan supports 15 social profiles, 100 pending posts, and 1 user for $14.99 per month.

[reblex id='20012']

  • Kontentino — the lowest plan supports the basic app, 10 accounts, 100 posts per month and 3 users.
Kontentino post planner alternative
Kontentino pricing
  • Coschedule — lowest plan supports 10 social profiles, unlimited posts and 1 user.
Coschedule Post Planner alternative
Coschedule pricing

The pricing above when put into perspective means that with Post Planner, it costs $1.3 per month per social account. On Postfity it costs $1 per month per social account. It costs $5.3 per month per social account on Kontentino while on Coschedule it costs $3.9 per month per social account.

From the comparison above, it is clear that Postfity is the most affordable Post Planner alternative in terms of affordability and pricing.

Post Planner Value for Money - Which Alternative gives you more accounts, features and social account per $

While we have seen that Postfity is the most affordable in terms of pricing, there is a lot more that goes into selecting the best tool for content marketing than just the pricing.

Let us compare Postfity’s offering vs Post Planner with the pricing in mind and see where we get more value for money spent.

post planner pricing
Post Planner pricing details

Post Planner’s lowest plan supports 3 social accounts, 300 pending posts and 1 user at $4 per month.

Post Planner alternatives
Post Planner extra features

However, in addition to that, they offer a content discovery tool and a media library with a maximum storage of 10 MB. In addition, all Post Planner plans have the features below:

  • Evergreen post recycling
  • Social tagging & mentions
  • Post analytics
  • Tailored posts per social network
  • Viral articles & images
  • 20,000+ inspiring quotes

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As for Postfity, the cheapest plan supports 15 social accounts, 100 pending posts and 1 user for $14.99 per month. In addition to that, you get the following features:

  • Precise posts scheduling
  • “Post now” — fast publishing to multiple social accounts at once
  • Built-in image editor
  • Browser extension
  • Calendar view
  • Post Ideas — interesting and trending posts suggestions
  • Covers scheduling — up to 7 covers scheduled at once
  • Link shortener

Comparing the two tools in terms of value for money is a matter of preference depending on what extra features you need for your content marketing. However, if you are looking to support 15 social accounts or anything more than 3 social profiles and still spend less with additional features, Postfity would be the way to go. It offers more social accounts support, extra features for less spending per social account.

Post Planner Ease of Use — User-friendly Alternatives

Post Planner comes with a seamless onboarding sequence to help you sign up, connect your Facebook account and start scheduling content. However, due to its myriad of features including the content library, discovery platform and automatic scheduler, it can be a bit hard to grasp everything on your first day using the platform.

Post Planner sign up page
Post Planner sign up page

The best Post Planner alternatives that are even easier to use include:

  • Postfity — everything can be found the first time you sign up because the menu shows you clearly where everything is in one single view.
Post Planner alternative ease of use Postfity
Postfity dashboard
  • Kontentino — another complex platform with very good onboarding to easily help you create an account, connect at least one social account and schedule your first post.
social media
Kontentino onboarding
  • Coschedule — the task manager and content calendar can be a bit confusing when collaborating but once you get the hang of it, it is a very simple easy to use platform.
Post Planner alternative for ease of use
Creating a post on Coschedule

Post Planner Team Functionality

Post Planner supports teams with privileges to post assigned to specific members.

For content marketers who are looking for Post Planner alternatives to manage their team, these 3 would be great:

  • Postfity — allows for teams with different approval levels. The mid-tier plan supports 1 team of 10 members while the largest plan supports 20 teams totalling to 200 members at only $119.99 per month.
Postfity for teams
Posfity for teams
  • Kontentino — supports teams and starts at 3 users for the lowest plan with extra additional payment per user as you scale your team.
  • Coschedule — allows a maximum of 10 users in its lowest plan. You can increase your team at the cost of $39 per extra user per month.

Final Thoughts

In Conclusion, Post Planner is a great social media marketing tool with unique features like content discovery and the ability to build a content library. This content library, however, will not be sufficient at the2 lowest packages which offer only 10 MB and 20 MB of storage. Today, 3 or 4 photos could easily be more than 10 MB of storage. In addition, bulk scheduling is only available at the higher-priced plans. For users who are not keen on creating a content library but need bulk scheduling and more social accounts at a cheaper price, Postfity makes for a great Post Planner alternative.

Try Postfity for free today!

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