The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide for Agencies

January 23, 2024

Off the top of your head, what's the first platform that comes to mind when you want to look for aesthetically pleasing visuals?

We wouldn't believe you if you said anything other than Pinterest. Did you know Pinterest receives over 5 billion search requests in a month? It's astounding but not unbelievable. Pinterest is a gold mine when it comes to visual content and, if used correctly, one of the best platforms to promote your agency.

In this blog, we'll break down the best Pinterest strategies to use for marketing, along with tools to help your brand thrive! Let's dive in.

Pinterest strategies

What Are The Benefits of Using Pinterest for Agencies?

Marketing on Pinterest comes with a range of benefits. Here are the top three.

Brand Awareness

On Pinterest, people are all about discovering fresh ideas and products, making them super receptive to your business messages. This leads to solid relationships with your target audience. And unlike other social media apps, your Pins have a longer life, staying searchable and engaging forever, boosting brand awareness. Users also trust fellow Pinners' saves to drive sales, which means a higher chance of trying new brands based on others' Pins.

Website Traffic

Pinterest is a go-to spot for shoppers seeking inspiration and new goodies. 80% of weekly users stumble upon cool brands and products here. With unique Pin types designed for promoting stuff, it's a powerful tool to attract new customers to your website. As a visual search engine, Pinterest not only helps people find fresh content but also drives more website traffic than any other social platform. The best part? 61% of weekly Pinners end up buying stuff they see from brands, showing the quality of traffic it brings.

Creates A Community

Pinterest is the perfect place to build a vibrant community by sharing creative content. About 85% of Pinners visit the platform to kickstart new projects, and offering content that taps into this creativity gives them the perfect spark. The superpower of Pinterest? It makes people feel fantastic! 78% of weekly Pinners feel positive after using it, making it an ideal spot to create uplifting and helpful moments for your audience.

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How to Use Pinterest for Agencies

Now that you're familiar with Pinterest strategies, let's delve into how you can effectively promote your clients' business on this platform!

1. Create a Pinterest business account

Create a Pinterest business account

Keep in mind that Pinterest offers both personal and business accounts. Opting for a business account unlocks awesome perks like Pinterest Analytics, a visual search tool, a native video player, and the option to run ads.

When setting up your clients' Pinterest Business Accounts, remember to include

  • Catchy and descriptive bios with relevant keywords
  • A clear and recognizable profile picture
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Website links

2. Create a strategy

Just like any other social platform, having a Pinterest marketing strategy is crucial for success. Think about the types of content you'll share and how often you'll post. Will you switch things up seasonally?

Setting SMART goals is a must. Determine if you want to gain followers, drive website traffic, boost sales, or promote an event. Understand your Pinterest audience and target demographic. Check out your competitors' strategies. Plan on-brand content and add it to your social media calendar.

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3. Be a part of the community

By treating your Pinterest as a two-way street for interaction, not just promotion, you can build a

Be a part of the community

loyal community of users who may turn into customers, driving valuable traffic to your website. 'Engaging with the community' on Pinterest means creating inspiring Pins that encourage comments and clicks, while also responding to Pinners' comments.

Foster a community by joining and creating group boards where users can contribute, expanding your reach to new audiences. Search for influential Pinners in your niche and explore relevant group boards. Remain active within these boards, sharing your content, and curating others' entries

4. Carefully curate your content

Pinterest is more than just image-sharing; it's about creativity and diversity! Shake things up by Pinning videos to promote your e-commerce store or create carousels with multiple photos. Don't limit yourself to just brand promotion; think beyond and inspire Pinners. They come here for fresh ideas and projects.

Share how-to Pins and inspiration boards to engage your audience with enjoyable and valuable content. Since most Pinterest searches are unbranded, your boards can attract new Pinners exploring specific topics or seeking to learn new things.

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5. Don't forget to consider SEO

Don't forget to consider SEO

Pinterest operates as a search engine, so make sure your business's Pins are easily discoverable! Use keywords in your Pins' descriptions, boards, and hashtags to boost their visibility in searches. Since Pinterest is all about visual discovery, focus on optimizing your profile to rank higher.

The Pinterest Trends page is a valuable resource to identify rising search keywords. Additionally, conducting simple searches on Pinterest will help you uncover related keywords used by people.

6. Schedule your posts for optimal posting

A social media planner is a lifesaver when it comes to managing multiple platforms effortlessly. It allows you to maintain consistency while taking social media detox breaks. By dedicating just one day a week to planning and scheduling content, you can automate posting across various platforms.

Social media schedulers like Postfity make this process seamless, giving you more time to focus on your business and customers. Beyond scheduling, Postfity is also a powerful marketing tool, perfect for tackling Pinterest strategies and boosting your overall social media strategy.

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Final Words

Don't miss out on the opportunity to market on Pinterest. Your audience awaits, eager for your creative content. With Postfity's time-saving features, managing social media becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on your business and customer engagement.

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