Parler — the new Facebook, or a Twitter Alternative?

November 24, 2020

This relatively new social networking site boasts greater privacy and freedom for users. We checked what Parler really is!

Parler was created in 2018 as an alternative to Twitter. Praler was supposed to offer the same experience without the limits the freedom of expression.

Its terms and conditions are also much shorter and less restrictive - no censorship, write whatever you want.

Parler's popularity grew significantly after Donald Trump lost in the last election. A large group of its users are the supporters of the former President of the USA. You will also find many American politicians and well-known organizations. Ivanka Trump has recently opened an account on Parler:

Parler - an alternative to Facebook and Twitter, or a last resort?

A large group of application users are people associated with extreme views or those who have simply been removed from other social networks.

Among Parler users you will find, i.a.

— the former Ku Klux Klan leader Davide Duke

or — the blocked on Twitter and Facebook Lara Loomer, describing herself as a "proud Islamophobe".

What content can you find on Parler?

From information from organizations, news from the world, to - still a lot of political content that you will not find anywhere else (such as those about the rigging of elections in the USA).According to Fortune magazine, citing information from the ADL (from the English Anti-Defamation League, an American organization whose goal is to fight hatred and prejudice against Jews), there are also anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying and racist entries on Parler.World media also reports that Parler is being discussed by members of QAnon supporters (a conspiracy theory that an elite group of pedophiles trafficking children rules the world, and President Trump has a secret plan to hold the group accountable).So is Parler a social network for controversial and unpopular views? Well, you can judge on your own.

Parler as a Twitter alternative - differences and similarities

Let's face it - each social media platform is just a platform for user generated content. So let's take a look at the features of Parler.

What can you do on Parler? Pretty much the same things as on other social networks. You can post text and add an image, gif or emoji.

Czy to alternatywa dla Twittera? Jak dodać posta na Parler?

Just like on Twitter, you can follow selected accounts and use hashtags. If we were to consider Parler as an alternative to Twitter, then looking at the features alone it is a more limited platform.

What you can't do on Parler

Unlike on Twitter — you can't publish videos on Praler.

Parler jako alternatywa dla Twittera - różnice

Parler does not have an algorithm that suggests content to users - all posts are simply displayed chronologically. You won't find a "list" option here, or the Storie recently added by Twitter. So can Parler be an alternative to Twitter?

Would you use it? Let us know!

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