Spring has arrived! See the 6 new features we've added to Postfity in Q1 2021!

March 22, 2021

One thing is certain - Team Postfity didn't fall asleep this winter and we've launched a whole bunch of useful features for our users! ????

See the most important updates in your favourite (and most affordable!) social media scheduler!

#1 Direct Scheduling for Instagram ????

A feature you have all been probably waiting for...you can now schedule your posts to Instagram directly, without any turnarounds or the mobile app! Read more about it here!

#2 Post Drafts for Approval (+ external approval)


Post Drafts have been created to help you collaborate with your co-workers, employees and clients more effectively on creating and approving post content. In social media marketing, team work is dreamwork – so you will often find yourself working with several people on your posts. Other social media managers and VAs will be creating posts for you and your clients, and you will need to approve their work before publishing it. Or – the other way round – you will need to send the content you wrote to your manager/ client for approval.

Sometimes – you may also want to create drafts…just for yourself. E.g. When you came up with a great copy for your LinkedIn post, but you don’t have the right image to schedule it just yet.

Whatever side you find yourself on – Postfity Drafts has a solution for you!

  1. You can create drafts for approval of your clients and share them via a URL - they don't need a Postfity account to see and approve/reject your draft posts!

2. You can also add a draft just for yourself - and edit it later when you're done!

Read more about it here!

#3 Post Previews


You can now preview your posts and see what they will look like live!


#4 Video Scheduling for Facebook and Instagram


Video Scheduling joined Twitter and LinkedIn scheduling now!

If an image says more than a 1000 words...why not say it with video? ;)

#6 Facebook Group Scheduling

You can now automate Facebook Group Posts with Postfity - simply add the groups you manage and start scheduling posts to multiple groups at once! Read more about it here.


#6 Twitter Snapshots

Last but not least - we've added a fun feature of Twitter Snapshots for IG!

Have you ever seen screenshots of Tweets on Instagram and wonder how people can tweet to Instagram? Like the one from Gary Vee below:

Gary Vee Tweet to IG


Styled snapshots of Tweets on Instagram are nothing but nice graphics. But if you were to do them by hand – it would require quite some graphic design skills…this is something Gary Vee may be able to afford, but do you think all these people on Instagram hired a graphic designer though?

Of course not. They are using tools to repurpose their Tweets into Instagram graphics.

This year, Postfity added a functionality allowing you to create beautiful snapshots of your Tweets – and turn your Twitter content into valuable Instagram posts – without any help of a graphic designer!


Phew! That was a lot of work, but we hope it will make your lives easier! :)

Let us know which of these features were your favourite!

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