New feature! — create sophisticated URL sites for Instagram and TikTok bios, and other pages. Track traffic and boost your SoMe performance.

Do you struggle to add more clickable links to your Instagram profile? Or want to drive more traffic to your website or e-shop? Here’s Postfity’s answer: is an easy way to share all your important links — from all your social profiles and your sites — in one place. With you can easily attract more visitors to your website or blog, and boost performance of your social media profiles. - all your important links in one place lets you drive traffic from your Instagram business profile directly to your website, landing page with promotion, blog post or to the e-shop. It would fit perfectly also on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, or any place you wish.

Paste link into your social profiles to drive more traffic to your website.

Use it anywhere: you can create one major URL — a hub for all your important links, or URL sites for every profile you need. Paste your wherever your audience is and let them discover your content.

Here’s an example of Postfity’s

Postfity's minisite

All the great things you can do with features allow you to:

  • Add more links to your Instagram profile. Add clickable photos to your Instagram profile. Drive traffic from your social media directly to your blog, eCommerce, or promotion site.
  • Create URL sites for every profile you need. Postfity’s comes in handy for Instagram bios, but there’s more! Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Google business card — you can paste the link wherever you need.
  • Optimize your URL site. Manage links on your site: easily add or remove them.
  • Track traffic and boost your SoMe performance. Use statistics to measure traffic and see which content performs the best. features: use statistics to boost your SoMe performance
  • Customize your mini-website. Choose your social icons and consolidate important content by managing URLs and graphics.
  • Create your own URL. Put your brand or company name in it. No more random, messy URLs — you can easily create a URL which fits your business needs.

How works

  1. Sign in to your Postfity account or create one — it’s totally free of charge for 30 days.
  2. Create your account.
  3. Add your content.
  4. Share it!

And best of all — is totally free in all Postfity’s plans. 🙂 Ready to try it?

Go to your Postfity account —> bio or sign up to try it — 30 days for free.