From Video Production to Mindfulness - How Kate Greenslade Made a Career Switch with Social Media [CASE STUDY]

September 14, 2020

If you're into yoga and meditation, becoming a mindfulness coach is probably a dream come true for you. Helping busy professionals cope with daily stresses in a more effective way is what Kate Greenslade does in her daily work. But it wasn't always like that... If you want to learn more about Kate's transformative journey, and how social media (and Postfity) helped her transform her passion into a full-time business - read our case study below!

Kate Greenslade mindfullness course

"It was very practical and very simple"

Kate had been working on a video production company together with her husband for nearly a decade before starting her mindfulness coaching business.'5 years ago, I didn't even know what mindfulness was'. It was a friend of Kate that introduced her to the concept, and since then - she managed to improve a lot of "significant things in her life" - including a strained relationship with her father. Kate fell in love with mindfulness because 'it was very practical and at the same time very simple'. After taking a few courses in mindfulness herself, Kate went to do a course in Thailand - she decided to start teaching mindfulness herself. First, offering group courses and then 1:1 work.Eventually - her mindfulness business started taking up more and more time, and finally - she decided to go all in."I basically had to tell my husband - I quit".

Instagram for Mindful Moments, LinkedIn for How Mindfulness Can Be Implemented at work

Apart from word of mouth, social media became Kate's main acquisition channel. The strategy differs for different social media channels though. Linkedin is the largest source of leads for Kate, which 'is somewhat surprising - I didn't expect it at first'.Kate uses her Linkedin to share how mindfulness can help teams, improve communication, build resilience at work and ideas how to start implementing mindfulness at work (e.g. to tackle defensiveness). She also shares neuroscience articles backing the effectiveness of mindfulness:

Kate Greenslate LinkedIn

'Coping at work is a very common problem - over 70% of people have impostor syndrome. I can totally relate to the overwhelm, having run my own business.'Instagram is geared towards 'mindful moments' - mindfulness tips, inspiration, and Kate's personal development journey to inspire her followers.

Kate Greenslade instagram (2)
Kate insta

Kate posts every day and creates a lot of content, including branded images, so it was important for her to organize her posting and plan in advance - for the days when 'life happens'.After attending a LinkedIn training course, Kate decided to go with Postfity - and has been a happy user ever since.

Kate's lessons from mindfulness:

  1. Don't take things personally
  2. Allow yourself to take a moment when you need it (to just be)
  3. Find ways to save time - it's your most precious resource
  4. Monotask - Less is more
  5. Accept uncertainty and learn to be comfortable with it - you can't control everything.

Interested in learning more about mindfulness? Connect with Kate below:


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