MeetEdgar Alternatives — Price, Functionality, Similarities and Differences

February 13, 2021
MeetEdgar homepage
MeetEdgar homepage

MeetEdgar is social media scheduling and automation tool for content marketers with powerful features that help your social media channels stay updated. However, for every great tool, there are downsides for which MeetEdgar alternatives can offer great options depending on what you are looking for in terms of features, pricing, ease of use, team functionality and value for money.

In this article, we will discuss these downsides while providing alternatives to MeetEdgar for various sections below.

MeetEdgar Alternatives - Table of Contents

MeetEdgar Alternatives for Different Social Media Platforms

MeetEdgar offers scheduling for the platforms below:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Instagram,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Pinterest.

Let us look at how MeetEdgar compares with other tools for some of these social networks:

Best MeetEdgar Alternatives for Facebook

MeetEdgar supports scheduling and automatically publishing to Facebook. It also comes with a content calendar that enables your team to keep track of the scheduled content.

If you are looking for alternatives, the following 3 options are great to consider:

  • Postfity — supports scheduling and automatically publishing to Facebook pages. You can bulk-upload up to 10,000 posts for scheduling and manage your team with different approval levels. The content calendar helps your team stay on track with the publishing schedule. It also allows you to schedule Facebook covers. Try Postfity for free today!
Postfity MeetEdgar alternatives Facebook scheduler
Postfity Facebook scheduler
  • Publer — supports scheduling to Facebook pages with the ability to preview posts before scheduling. Also comes with a bulk-upload feature together with a bulk-scheduler that both enable you to publish multiple posts at once.
  • Post Planner — schedule content to Facebook pages and groups. Allows you to create your own library of content and automate publishing through scheduling.

Best MeetEdgar Alternatives for Twitter

MeetEdgar enables scheduling to several Twitter profiles and keeping track of the content schedule through the content calendar.

For content marketing teams looking for MeetEdgar alternatives, these options below will be great for this:

  • Postfity — allows you to schedule content to several Twitter profiles. The bulk-uploader helps you to upload more than 10,000 tweets for scheduling. Comes with a content ideas calendar that inspires your team with ideas for content production.
Postfity MeetEdgar alternative Twitter scheduler
Postfity Twitter scheduler
  • Publer — comes with scheduling features for both single and bulk posts. The analytics tools show you how your content is performing so that you can improve it.
  • Post Planner — enables scheduling and publishing to Twitter profiles. You can also create your steam to see what your audience is publishing.

Best MeetEdgar Alternatives for Instagram

MeetEdgar allows you to schedule content to Instagram for marketing.

For content marketers who are looking for MeetEdgar alternatives for Instagram marketing, the following tools do this very well.

  • SkedSocial — this is an Instagram-first tool that serves agencies and teams who are focused on growing their Instagram through content marketing. It comes with scheduling features and a graphics enhancer for your photos.
Skedsocial Meetedgar alternatives Instagram-first scheduler
Skedsocial Instagram-first scheduler
  • Publer — unlike most Instagram scheduling tools that send publishing notifications to your phone for execution, Publer automatically publishes directly to your Instagram through Zapier. You can bulk-schedule posts and even analyze their performance after posting.
  • Post Planner — plan, schedule and preview your Instagram posts to ensure they are okay to post. Also comes with the ability to create your own content library for use.

Best MeetEdgar Alternatives for LinkedIn

You can schedule and automatically publish content to LinkedIn pages using MeetEdgar.

However, these MeetEdgar alternatives below also do a great job at this:

  • Postfity — schedule and publish content (including videos) to LinkedIn pages and personal profiles. You can upload in bulk — up to 10,000 posts -and schedule them to go out. The content calendar helps you stay on track with the scheduled content.
Postfity MeetEdgar alternative LinkedIn Scheduler
Postfity LinkedIn Scheduler
  • Publer — collaborate with your team to schedule content for publishing on LinkedIn pages and personal profiles. Bulk-upload and bulk-schedule posts.
  • Post Planner — schedule your content to publish to LinkedIn pages. You can also create a stream of your feed to see what other users are posting.

Best MeetEdgar Alternatives for Vkontakte

MeetEdgar has no support for Vkontakte. For marketers who are looking for a solution for Vkontakte, this tool below will help:

  • Postfity — supports scheduling and publishing content to Vkontakte pages, profiles, groups and events you manage. In addition, it comes with the ability to bulk-upload content for scheduling. The content calendar helps you keep track of your pending posts.
Postfity Vkontakte scheduler
Postfity Vkontakte scheduler

MeetEdgar Pricing - Cheaper MeetEdgar’s Alternatives

MeetEdgar’s lowest plan costs $19 per month and provides 3 social accounts, unlimited scheduled posts, 10 recurring time slots per week and 4 content categories.

MeetEdgar pricing
MeetEdgar pricing

Here is how other content tools compare:

  • Postfity — supports 1 user, 15 social accounts and 100 pending posts for $14.99 per month.
  • Publer — supports 1 user, 5 social accounts and unlimited scheduling for $10 per month.
  • Post Planner — supports 1 user, 3 social accounts and 300 scheduled posts for $4 per month.

From the comparison above and taking into account MeetEdgar’s pricing, Postfity costs $1 per social account per month while Publer costs $2 per social account per month. Post Planner costs $1.3 per social account per month while MeetEdgar costs $6.3 per social account per month.

[reblex id='20012']

It is clear that Postfity is the cheapest MeetEdgar alternative from the comparison above. For marketers who are looking for an affordable option that supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Vkontakte with more social accounts, this is the best cheaper option.

MeetEdgar Value for Money — Which Alternative gives you more accounts, features and social accounts per $

Having looked at the pricing of the MeetEdgar alternatives, we know that the best tool is not just determined by pricing. There are other things like extra features provided in the plans. Since we have already determined Postfity to be the best cheaper alternative, let us see how the lowest plan compares in terms of features to MeetEdgar’s lowest plan.

MeetEdgar’s lowest plan supports 1 user, 3 social accounts, unlimited scheduled posts, 10 recurring time slots per week and 4 content categories for $19 per month.

However, those are not the only features provided. All MeetEdgar plans come with the following:

MeetEdgar extra features
MeetEdgar extra features

Postfity on the other hand supports 1 user, 15 social accounts and 100 pending posts for $14.99 per month. This plan has extra features that include:

  • Precise posts scheduling
  • “Post now” — fast publishing to multiple social accounts at once
  • Built-in image editor
  • Browser extension
  • Calendar view
  • Post Ideas — interesting and trending posts suggestions
  • Covers scheduling — up to 7 covers scheduled at once
  • Link shortener

[reblex id='20291']

When it comes to value for money, the extra features go a long way. In this case, despite Postfity having a lower price it still offers more powerful extra features like the calendar, post ideas, link shortener, cover scheduling and a built-in image editor. Coupled with the low price, more features, and more social accounts than MeetEdgar for an even lower price, Postfity is definitely the best offer in terms of value for money.

MeetEdgar Ease of Use — User-friendly Alternatives

MeetEdgar is easy to use with a clean interface that initially takes some getting used to. The workflow is okay and the tool does not have any bugs that we could notice. Connecting to social accounts is also fast and initially guided by a nifty onboarding process.

If you are looking for content marketing tools that are great alternatives to MeetEdgar in ease of use, these 3 will do:

  • Postfity — every feature is easy to find because they are all accessible in one window. Workflow is great and connecting to social accounts is seamless and fast.
Postfity dashboard
Postfity dashboard
  • Publer — the onboarding process is good. The workflows of content creation, planning and collaboration are also very efficient.
Publer dashboard
Publer dashboard
  • Post Planner — probably more complex of the alternatives in this list. Has a suite of features that might take a few days to learn how they work but workflow and interface design is good.

MeetEdgar Team Functionality

MeetEdgar does not support content teams and so you cannot assign different levels of approval to your team. For content marketers who are looking for team functionalities, the following MeetEdgar alternatives will suit you.

  • Postfity — supports teams in the mid and higher plans. In the middle plan, you can run a team of 10 members at a cost of $44.99 per month. The higher plan supports 20 teams of 200 members in total for $119.99 per month. In addition, you can assign different approval levels and collaborate with your team on content planning and scheduling.
Postfity team features
Postfity team features
  • Publer - supports more users. The basic plans come with support for 1 user. For the mid-tier plan, an extra user costs $1 per month additional cost. For the higher plan, 1 extra user costs $2 per month additional cost.
  • Post Planner - supports 4 users for $24 per month and 8 users for $59 per month in its higher plan. Allows setting different approval levels.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Postfity has proven to be the best value for money as compared to other MeetEdgar alternatives. In comparison to MeetEdgar, Postfity is easier to use, more affordable, offers more features and social accounts for less and supports teams. Content marketers who are looking for an alternative to MeetEdgar would be best served to choose Postfity.

Try Postfity for free today!

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