Massive time savings for B2B social media – Per from InLead, a Norwegian Salesforce Partner

Some people claim that social media are not a good marketing channel for heavily B2B Companies – but Per of InLead – a Salesforce Partner company offering marketing and business solutions in  Stravanger, Norway – has a different opinion.

“An online presence on social media is a must these days”

InLead Facebook

Even businesses offering B2B service now see the benefits of regular posting on Facebook and LinkedIn – for once, as social proof – and secondly – as a great brand-awareness and top-of-the funnel exercise.

The client success case studies are especially popular as well.

Per has a busy schedule though, so he opted for Postfity to batch work and schedule all his posts for the month.

What kind of posts does a company specialising in Salesforce implementation share on their social media though?

Per usually shared links to their blog – plus news from Nylex and Salesforce.

He also uses his personal Twitter account to do research of industry trends.

Linkedin proved to be the most effective social media platform for InLead.

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