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July 17, 2018

Nowadays creating an engaging social video is crucial for the business image. Sometimes there is a need to make them in 5 minutes, and some are long-term projects.At Postfity we help you with managing your social media and make your job easier. We sum up few of the best marketing video creation apps. Every app is a video editor or video creator (the order of the apps is random).


“Make great videos. Easily.”Animoto is a known brand and very intuitive program. How to start? One way is to choose the storyboards or start from a scratch, adding pictures, video clips and text. Next step is just to produce it and share.Additional Features: library of licensed music.


“Make an awesome, pro-quality video in the time it takes to drink a coffee!”Cool fact about Biteable is that you can make presentations, invitations, introductions, animations or just a slideshow beside the video creation.Additional features: presentations, invitations, animations, slideshows, soundtrack.


“Join the Video Revolution. Be a video superhero. “Magisto video A.I. powered video editing makes it easy to optimize brand videos by audience and channel. Reach more customers with frequently-refreshed and authentic video content.Additional features: soundtrack, analytics.


“Put your words in motion. Inspire people. Make friends laugh. In just 2 taps!”Smartphone App, used for quick video edition, creation and sharing. Mostly for Instagram and Twitter, turn text into animations.Additional features: you can save as video or a gif.Only for iOS.


“Make Eye-Catching Videos for Social Media ”Smartphone App. Video Creation with two taps. 200+ templates, specially designed to drive social media engagement, using up to 12 photos for longer animated videos.Additional Features: creation of publication, your logo on every post, soundtrack, scheduling post for later.


“Grow Your Brand with Awesome Videos.”Shakr is the leading video-making platform for smart Facebook marketers with second product integration - Advertise. This app allows for setting objectives and targeting audience with publishing.Additional Features: media library, pre-licensed music, private templates.


"Tell your story"Start projects on one device and pick up where you left off on another. Works on any Mac or PC computer browser, Chromebook, iOS, and Android device. Unlimited use of hundreds of thousands of licensed and royalty-free video clips. 600 formats of audio, images, graphics, and video.Additional Features: Edit everywhere, autosave.


“Animated Videos, Done Right!”App for Animations. Website has 6 ready animations to use and combine which can get 720 different animations. Probably World's largest library of animations.Additional Features: infographics, multimove, curve, soundtrack, text to speech, sound effects, direct voice recording and also team management.


Smartphone App: Videoshop is fast and easy app to personalize your videos and share them with all your friends. Intuitive video edition with a minute.Additional Features: Soundtrack, Slow Motion, Sound Effects.

Let us know what apps do you use! ????

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