Main rules for running your fanpage

September 8, 2014

If you decided to promote your business through Social Media, do not hurry to do it without clear understanding of main social media rules. Every marketing action requires a good plan and realizing what are the "needs" and "wants" of your audience. In this article you can find the most common mistakes that people do running their fanpages.

Rule number 1: Communicate with your subscribers

Usually, while working in front of the computer - we forget that on the other side there are real people with whom we work every day. You should realize that if your potential client is happy - you are happy, this is a simple equation of any business. If you receive weird questions form your readers – keep your emotions under control – and answer those question. Keep the straight line communication with your client. If you ignore your subscribers – you show your disrespect towards them. In Social Media your comments and messages represent your brand. Create your own strategy for communication with subscribers, prioritize some questions, create a plan.

Rule number 2: Do not leave too many posts on your timeline

If your fanpage just represents a brand - the average amount of posts for it would be around 1 or 2 posts per day. Considering the fanpages which are oriented on sharing different information - it is enough to have from 5 to 15 posts. Imagine how would you feel if in your news feed were 20-30 posts per day from the same fanpage. It is irritating!

The best solution how to keep control over your obsessive desire to leave tones of posts is to create the plan of your publications, which you can create on Postfity , so it won’t be annoying for your subscribers.

Rule number 3: work on your content

Don’t be boring, try to make your content interesting for readers. If your main topic is washing machines technology, books, traveling or IT – name it, remember to write articles about some tips, events, news, reports, add some pictures, videos. This will help you to raise the interest of your diversified audience, as far as each of us perceives web content differently.

Rule number 4: Do not remove negative posts/comments from your page

Imagine a situation when you work hard, doing your best to satisfy your potential customers/subscribers, but there appear one or two people who still won’t be satisfied. Social media can help you to raise the brand awareness among people, bring you more potential customers etc. Remember – do not underestimate the power of unsatisfied client with access to social media account. If someone leaves a negative comment or post on your timeline - DO NOT EVER REMOVE IT! Look at it, calm down, read it through, analyze and learn a lesson from it. Squeeze this lemon and add some tequila to it ;)

Rule number 5: Avoid to SM cat fights!

You would meet a lot of people with aggressive attitude not only in real life, but in social networks too. Some of them will try to put a pressure on you and splash their anger at your fanpage. If you react negatively, this makes them happy and gives no end to the quarrel. The best what you can do is to behave in the professional way: you can reply on such comments without showing any emotions - "just business - nothing personal". Keep in mind that they could be your competitors, who are trying just to annoy you, and brake your reputation. Or eventually, it could be a real client, who has some problems, so help him/her to solve it. Don’t let anyone involve you into the cat fight!

Rule number 6: Check all rules and regulations

In case if you are planning to organize a contest for your subscribers – make sure that strategy and rules won’t interfere social network regulations. As well check if it does not violate the users’ confidentiality & law.

Rule number 7: Reply everyone

Imagine that one person, who is not your subscriber yet, commented about your fanpage and asked some questions. What you should do is to contact this person from your fanpage account, reply, answer some questions and raise his or her interest, this can help you to gain a new subscriber or even to find the group of people who are interested in your fan page and content.

Rule number 8: Use social network possibilities as much as you can

Social networks offer variable ways and tools to keep subscribers close to your fanpage. Don’t be afraid to investigate it.

Rule number 9: Stop spamming your subscribers

Most common mistake people do is posting tones of links on their own web page, thinking that the fanpage or group in social network is just a channel of their business website. This is not true, if you leave 10 links about your website on fanpage timeline, your subscribers will just turn their back on you. Leave some links from time to time and try to support it with some kind of interesting content.

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