How Martin of saves 8 hours per month with Postfity [CASE STUDY]

A whole 8-hour working day per month. That’s what Martin Večeřa, CEO of, saves on social media marketing every month with And for a 100% bootstrapped startup, saving an extra day per month is *HUGE*.

Martin Vecera Lumeer is a work management and collaboration tool that allows teams and organizations to manage projects more efficiently – without having to switch between many different business apps. Launching yet another project management app was not easy for a small team based in Czech Republic and Slovakia though. is not a Silicon Valley darling with big seed funding to back it up – it has been 100% bootstrapped, and the founders were working hard to pull it off the ground while still working full time in their day jobs. That’s why they looked for a social media scheduler that wouldn’t break their budget.

“We didn’t need a Mercedes to start with”

postfity dashboard

The problem is – most social media schedulers are geared towards sophisticated users and larger companies. Martin of just wanted to get the job done – schedule his posts to all their social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) a week in advance, so he could batch work and save time. And to grow his list of followers, of course.

Postfity was the perfect candidate for the job.

“We loved the simple UI and that we could figure out how to use it instantly. The other tools we have tried were just so complicated. We didn’t need a Mercedes to start with”

– said Martin in our user interview.

Martin also liked that he could either plan posts for the future, add them to posting queue [pre-defined posting timetable to which you can add more posts automatically]. He also appreciated automatic UTMs (which allow him to track the number of people that visit his website from each post) and…

…Social Tips Calendar – A Life-Raft for Days when Inspiration Gods Don’t come

Lumeer Twitter is one of the hundreds of users who tap into the power of our Social Tips Calendar every month – a ready-made post templates with engaging questions and hashtags for each day of the week. Consistency in communication is what really matters on social media – you can’t go silent for days. So in that sense – Postfity has also been critical in building the engagement and growing the follower count.

“Some days you just don’t have anything new to share or simply don’t have the time, but you don’t want to look like you’ve gone silent and still want to talk to your audience”.

NEW corona social tips calendar


Since joining Postfity (first our free plan, then upgrading to the Mini Plan)  Martin has been able to grow his follower count from 0 to around 1200 on each of the three social media platforms he uses – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Also – he can now plan social media posts for the whole week in just 20-30 minutesinstead of spending 30 minutes every day. That’s around 2-3 hours saved per week – which translates into a whole working day per month. Definitely worth spending $ 9 per month to save so much time!

And you? Are you ready to start saving time, grow your followers’ list and take your business to the next level with Postfity? Click here to start for FREE! 

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