Linkedin post character limit

June 18, 2021

Everyone who works with content in social media knows that it can be quite a challenge. First, you need to find an interesting topic, describe it in an attractive way, and then promote it to reach your audience. Sounds like lots of work, right?

As if coming up with a topic and the best social media schedule for your content isn't hard enough, you also have to grapple with character limits on social media posts that you should use to promote that content.

And here's the good news:

the LinkedIn post character limit has just been increased to 3000 characters!

Ok, Postfity did that as well, so you can use more than twice as many characters when planning your posts :)

Currently, the LinkedIn post character limit is 3,000 characters. As a reminder, previously it was 1,300 characters. So you have 1700 more characters to express your thoughts and show your business better!

However, remember the golden rules:

  • write when you actually have something to communicate
  • keep your content attractive
  • don't force it - you don't have to use all 3000 characters

If you need help and useful advice on how and what to post on LinkedIn? Read the case study "How I Grow My Consulting Business by Posting Thoughtful Content on Linkedin using Postfity, Every Day". Visnja, Postfity Powerful user shares ideas about what to post on LinkedIn and how to find inspiration — even for everyday posting!

And now even better news: you don't have to count the linkedin post character limit by hand — Postfity will do it for you.

LinkedIn post character limit: Postfity helps you to count characters in your post

And if you need help with planning or inspiration for interesting content — Postfity can help with that, too. Check out our content creation tools: Post ideas, holiday calendar and Social Tips Calendar — with content, hashtags, and images ready for publication.

Psst. You can try Postfity for FREE — for 30 days.

Postfity gives you:

  • Content ideas and post calendar — with content, hashtags, and images ready for publication
  • Social Media Snapshot Generator
  • — the ultimate tool to make your URL list look neat and accessible
  • "Publish Now" — quickly post to multiple social accounts simultaneously
  • Built-in image editor
  • Browser extension (for Chrome)
  • Calendar view
  • Planner background photos for Facebook
  • Link shortener
  • A tool to create drafts and send them for approval

and even more - read the complete list of features.

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