8 Best Linkedin Automation Tools to Grow Your Business

June 14, 2020

When you hear about “huge social media platform with millions of users”, you probably think about Facebook first. But this description matches one more platform you can’t ignore.

LinkedIn boasts an astounding number of over 690 million users from more than 200 countries. And by contrast to Facebook, people on LinkedIn are ALL about doing business and networking.

It’s nothing less than a goldmine for sales teams and marketers of the B2B sector.

Here comes the question though: how do you navigate this crowd of potential customers while staying on top of all things LinkedIn?

The answer is simple: LinkedIn automation tools.

In the post below, you’ll find all the info you need to build your presence on this opportunity-rich platform. You’ll discover:

  • why you should be on LinkedIn
  • why you should automate your processes related to this social channel, and
  • what tools you can do to ensure smooth sailing

Let’s get right into it.

Why Should You Get Active on LinkedIn?

There are at least four good reasons to be active on LinkedIn if you’re running a company in the B2B sector.

Reason #1: LinkedIn Is MADE For Businesses

Let’s compare LinkedIn with Facebook. While still offering an appealing ad toolkit for brands, Facebook is and will remain a personal network. People log Facebook to interact with their friends, family and acquaintances on a personal level. More often than not, they choose to leave professional matters behind.

Facebook, too, openly encourages nurturing these personal relations. In recent years, the organic reach of business pages fell off the cliff.

LinkedIn is nothing like this.

The platform supports professional networking and high-touch selling. They encourage you to connect with strangers. People are here to network, talk work, discuss sales, learn and grow their companies.

There’s no better place to make business than a platform designed for business networking.

Reason #2: On LinkedIn, Business Talk Is Welcome

You can imagine that people who spend time on Facebook don’t want to hear about the latest solution for their sales department. They don’t want to listen to you brag about your professional achievements or your company’s growth rate. They’d rather engage in political discussions and share videos of sneezing pandas.

Again, on LinkedIn — it’s the opposite.

Business talk is encouraged. Professional tips are appreciated and it’s the private life that is hardly ever mentioned.

Reason #3: People Want to Hear From You

LinkedIn is a special place where people expect to be talked to or even approached by strangers.

No one is surprised by a sales representative reaching out. Professional requests are normal. Promotion is natural. On LinkedIn, people want to hear what’s happening in the industry and what they can do to make their businesses better.

Reason #4: LinkedIn Equips You With Sales Tools

No one argues that LinkedIn initially served the purpose of professional networking and recruitment. The large chunk of the platform still revolves around skill endorsement, showing your expertise and connecting with people looking for work or hiring.

But LinkedIn already accepted that it is no longer only about recruitment. These days, everyone uses it for general networking, establishing partnerships and simple cold outreach.

That’s the reason why LinkedIn Sales Navigator was created. The platform itself gives you the tools to find the right people that you sell your services to. No other social channel offers something this specific.

And now that we’ve wrapped up a few good reasons to get your LinkedIn account active, let’s talk about automation.

Why LinkedIn Automation?

Doing business manually is out of the window for years now.

These days, if you want you to do it the smart way, you let software automate at least part of your operations and processes.

LinkedIn’s no different

Here’s why you should invest in LinkedIn automation tools.

Benefit #1: Save Time

LinkedIn automation tools can successfully assist you in building your online presence on this platform simply by completing part of the tasks for you. It’s like delegating assignments but with the help of a machine instead of a human.

This way, not only certain tasks will be completed for you, but it will also happen much faster than if YOU were working on them.

Benefit #2: Focus on Meaningful Interactions

LinkedIn automation tools are an effective way to free up your schedule and move away from tedious manual processes to beneficial human interactions.

The time saved by delegating your tasks to automated software, you can now devote to building meaningful and lasting relationships with your network of customers, partners and prospects.

Benefit #3: Schedule More Meetings and Calls

Ultimately, the goal of your presence on LinkedIn is to generate more clients for your business.

When you automate a large chunk of lead generation and messaging, you can focus on these leads who are up for scheduling an appointment with you. This way, you can focus on high-chance, responsive prospects while your lead generation happens in the background. LinkedIn automation tools can help you with that too.

Benefit #4: Leverage Accurate Reports

Many of the LinkedIn automation tools, whatever purpose they serve, come with a built-in analytic pack that shows you the tangible results of your actions.

That’s a perfect way to get reliable data on your progress without spending time on manual report creation.

8 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools to Try NOW

In this section, you’ll find 10 LinkedIn automations tools that can make a world of a difference for you and your business.

Let’s have a look at them one by one.


“Schedule posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram (reminders) and VKontakte! With our post scheduler you can manage social networks, schedule posts and engage your audiences.”

Feature Highlight

  • Multiple social account management
  • Besides LinkedIn, you can schedule messages to other social networks
  • Analyse your LinkedIn post performance
  • Get inspired with more LinkedIn post ideas to fill your feed
  • Create content right within the app


Plans start at $14.99/month.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

“+7% higher win-rate when using Sales Navigator to close deals. +33% larger deal sizes when using Sales Navigator to connect with decision makers.”

Feature Highlights

  • 1500 saved leads
  • Extended LinkedIn network access
  • Custom lists
  • Lead and account alerts
  • Lead and account recommendations


LinkedIn Sales Navigator Premium Plan starts at $64.99.


“Discover and Email New LinkedIn Leads“

Feature Highlight

  • Find verified business emails of your LinkedIn leads
  • Profile saving and profile lists
  • LeadBot for automated lead generation
  • Built-in mailing your leads


LeadLeaper’s premium plan start at $19/month. There’s a limited free account option.


“Grow your connections. Build stronger relationships. Generate more revenue. All with smart automation.”

Feature Highlight

  • Targeting management for different campaign
  • Personalized bulk messages
  • Dashboard visualization
  • Auto profile visit
  • Auto follow


ProspectIn has a free version. Their plans start at €10/month.


“The LinkedIn to Salesforce chrome extension that enables button click data capture of new leads, contacts and accounts into Salesforce in seconds.”

Feature Highlight

  • Enterprise data capture
  • Automatic data enrichment
  • Automatic search of Salesforce CRM
  • Source email finder
  • Works from any site


SalesBolt has a free version available. Their professional plans start at $35/user/month.


“Social Media Reports: Reports for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and Google Ads. Generate professional reports in just 3 seconds! Stop wasting time with manual tasks, increase your customer base, and improve the quality of your service.“

Feature Highlight

  • LinkedIn profile metrics (followers, impressions, reach and others)
  • LinkedIn adds metrics (clicks, cost, followers, impressions and others)
  • Evolution of clicks and impressions
  • Comparative charts


Reportei provides a free trial. The paid plans start at $29/month.

Linked Helper

“Automate your work with LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter (Full & Lite)“

Feature Highlight

  • Personalized messaging
  • Automated invitation to groups for 1st connections
  • Automated profile visiting
  • Message signatures
  • List manager


Linked Helper’s paid plans start at $8.25 per month.


“Chain actions and data extraction on the web to generate business leads, marketing audiences and overall growth. Phantombuster gives you the tools and know-how to grow your business faster.”

Feature Highlight

  • LinkedIn profile scraper
  • Lead generation workflow
  • Message sender
  • Automated invitation accepting
  • Auto commenter


Phantombuster has a free version available. Paid plans start at $30/month.

Are you ready to get automated?

LinkedIn provides endless opportunities to grow your B2B business. And when you pair up your presence on the platform with the right tools, you’re bound to see the improvement of your results.

From post scheduling to lead generation, LinkedIn automation tools are here to help you.

Which one are you going to try out next?

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