Kontentino Alternatives ⁠— price, functionality, similarities, and differences

January 12, 2021

Kontentino is a well known social media marketing tool specialising on agencies and their clients. It helps agencies get approvals on content marketing campaigns, posts and ideas from their clients and execute content scheduling faster. By its own right, it is an incredible tool for agencies who want to streamline content approval with clients. However, it has its own disadvantages as with any other software. For every downside, there is a Kontentino alternative out there spending on what you are looking for: be it ease of use, functionality, value for money, better pricing and affordability, etc.

Kontentino Alternatives ⁠— Table of Contents

  • Kontentino Alternatives for Different Social Media Platforms
  • Pricing ⁠— Cheaper Kontentino’s Alternatives
  • Value for Money ⁠— Which Kontentino Alternative gives you more accounts, features and pending posts per $?
  • Kontentino Ease of Use ⁠— User-friendly Kontentino Alternatives
  • Kontentino Team Functionality
  • Final Thoughts ⁠— pick the best alternative based on the average best position

Kontentino Alternatives for Different Social Media Platforms

kontentino alternatives social media

Kontentino offers social media scheduling to the following social platforms:

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Pinterest.

You can schedule content to the above major platforms from Kontentino and let it post automatically. However, if you are on the lookout for Kontentino alternatives that can achieve social media scheduling to the platforms above and more like Vkontakte, read on to find the other solutions.

Best Kontentino Alternatives for Facebook

Kontentino’s scheduling functions for Facebook are quite advanced. You can create posts, get them approved by the client, schedule and even customize Facebook previews, then track your ad budget by setting how much you would like to boost the post for.

That said, the best Kontentino alternatives also help you stay on top of your social media content with even better and simpler functionalities. Here are the alternatives you should consider for Facebook marketing:

  • Postfity ⁠— Using Postfity, you can work on your content, schedule it and it will publish automatically when you set it to publish. Simple as that. With the calendar view, you can keep track of all the scheduled content just like on Kontentino. It is a tool that packs only the basic functionality without making the process too complex for users. Try Postfity today for free to see how powerful and easy it is to use.

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  • Publer ⁠— This solution also allows you to schedule posts on Facebook to publish directly to your Facebook page. You can preview posts before scheduling and even recycle the posts that you think are evergreen on your feed.
publer contentino alternative
  • Hootsuite ⁠— This is also a very popular solution to schedule and publish content directly to your Facebook profile and page. It comes with the ability to boost your posts by setting the ad budget on top of being a great social media scheduling tool for Facebook.

Best Kontentino Alternatives for Twitter

Through Kontentino you can schedule and publish content to Twitter. However, if you are on the market for Kontentino alternatives to help you with Twitter scheduling, these 3 will come in very handy:

  • Postfity ⁠— Postfity provides a simple and robust platform to schedule your content to Twitter personal profiles and business profiles. In addition, you can keep track of the content that is going out or scheduled through the content calendar. Knowing how difficult it can be to create social media content for Twitter, the makers of Postfity have created a content ideas section where you will get ready-to-go content. With slight tweaks, you should be ready to go for scheduling.
postfity kontentino alternative for twitter
  • Buffer ⁠— On Buffer, just like Postfity you can schedule a post, add it to the queue or publish it right away making it a great Kontentino alternative.
  • Hootsuite ⁠— Publish immediately or schedule Twitter posts to your profiles and keep track of the performance of the posts.

Best Kontentino Alternatives for Instagram

Kontentino is one of the few platforms where you can publish directly to Instagram. In most other applications, you have to download the mobile app to enable publishing. In addition, you can preset hashtags to use with your posts.

Luckily, if you are on the lookout for Kontentino alternatives with the same capability, here you go:

  • Hootsuite ⁠— Publish or schedule directly to Instagram without any hassle. In addition, Hootsuite helps you set hashtags to go with your post, track engagement and monitor the performance of your Instagram marketing strategy.
  • Buffer ⁠— A great alternative that helps you visually plan and schedule stories for publishing on Instagram, monitor the performance of your posts and drive more sales with Instagram’s shop grid.
buffer contentino alternative for twitter

Best Kontentino Alternatives for LinkedIn

Kontentino’s scheduling works for LinkedIn too but for marketers who are looking to try out other alternatives, these 3 below make great options:

  • Postfity ⁠— Plan, schedule and publish to LinkedIn through this intuitive platform. Social media content ideas for LinkedIn are also always available in the ideas calendar. In addition, you can keep track of what is on the queue at once through the content calendar. You can publish on both personal profiles and business pages.
kontentino alternative
  • Buffer ⁠— This is another Kontentino alternative that makes sure you can schedule your posts, add to the queue, publish and track how your posts have performed. Just like Postfity, you can schedule to your private profiles or business pages.
  • Publer ⁠— Schedule LinkedIn posts, preview before queueing and collaborate with your team to analyse the marketing efforts.

Best Kontentino Alternatives for Vkontakte

Kontentino does not support Vkontakte. Fortunately, if you are looking for a solution Vkontakte, there is a solution:

  • Postfity ⁠— Schedule social media content to Vkontakte private profiles, business pages, groups and events that you manage

Kontentino Pricing ⁠— Cheaper Kontentino Alternatives

kontentino alternative vkontakte

Kontentino’s pricing starts at $53 per month for the lowest plan with a maximum of 3 users. In this package, Kontentino supports 10 pages, a calendar, 100 posts per month and the basic mobile app.

In comparison, Kontentino’s alternatives offer cheaper pricing as follows:

  • Postfity ⁠— the lowest plan starts at $14.99 per month for 1 user, 15 social accounts, and 100 pending posts. The highest tier costs $119.99 per month for agencies, 200 users, 200 social accounts and 10,000 queued posts.

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  • Hootsuite ⁠— Lowest plan starts at $19 per month for only 1 user, 10 social profiles and unlimited scheduling where you can queue as many posts as you want. The topmost tier costs $599 for 10 users, 35 social accounts and unlimited scheduling.
  • Publer ⁠— starts at $10 per month for 1 user, 5 social accounts, and unlimited scheduling. The top tier will take you back $20 per month, 1 user, 5 social accounts and unlimited scheduling. However, for every additional social account, the price goes up by approximately $2. For every additional user, the price goes up by $1.

Kontentino is quite expensive as compared to all 3 alternatives mentioned above. Postfity offers the mid-tier plan for $24. It includes 10 users (1 team, 10 members), 30 social accounts and 100 pending posts. It is cheaper by more than half than Kontentino’s starter plan that accommodates only 3 users and 10 social accounts.

Therefore to quantify how affordable Postfity is, it costs $5.3 per social account on Kontentino’s starter plan while Postfity’s starter plan will cost you only $1 per social account. In terms of price per user, Postfity’s $14.99 per user on the starter plan is cheaper than Kontentino’s $17.67 per user on their starter plan.

In all ways, Postfity presents the most affordable option for the marketer that is looking for a robust tool that does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Kontentino Value for Money ⁠— Which Kontentino Alternative gives you more accounts, features and pending posts per $?

Kontentino’s starter plan with 3 users, 100 posts per month, a calendar, up to 10 pages, and the basic version of their mobile app only means you get the very basic of features at the steep price of $53 per month. The one thing that sets them apart in this plan, however, is the ability for clients to approve content before it is scheduled.

The question is, does that one feature warrant the expense? Is it good value for money? You don’t get analytics access in that package, neither are you able to work on the go because the mobile app in that package is basic. You are therefore left with what is very little for a much larger expense.

In comparison, Postfity allows you to have 1 user in the starter plan, 15 social accounts, and 100 pending posts for only $14.99 per month. It offers even more features under this tier like:

  • Precise posts scheduling
  • “Post now” – fast publishing to multiple social accounts at once
  • Built-in image editor
  • Browser extension
  • Calendar view
  • Post Ideas – interesting and trending posts suggestions
  • Covers scheduling – up to 7 covers scheduled at once
  • Link shortener

In more direct terms, it is best to put the value for money into numbers. Postfity costs $0.14 per pending post every month in the lower tier. If you decide to pay per year, you get a discount of 2 months and only pay for 10 months ⁠— making it even more affordable with more value.

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Kontentino’s pricing means you spend $0.53 per pending post per month in the starter plan. This is close to 6 times more than what you would spend on Postfity and for lesser features.

Nevertheless, the money might not be an issue. It is about the value you get in terms of number of users, pending posts, social accounts, and other additional features that make a software platform worth using. In this demonstration, Postfity definitely delivers the value for money as compared to Kontentino and other Kontentino alternatives.

Kontentino Ease of Use ⁠— User-friendly Kontentino Alternatives

When you first create an account on Kontentino, the user onboarding is very slick and on point driving you from one success in the platform to another. I was able to swiftly move from creating my account to defining my usage of the app, connecting my first platform and creating my first post. The onboarding and ease of use is really good.

kontentino alternative easier

Kontentino’s alternatives offer faster onboarding too. For instance:

  • Postfity⁠ — a simple tool where you don’t need too many onboarding steps to figure out how to use it. When you create your account, you know exactly where to go and what to do to connect your social media accounts and start scheduling. It is straightforward even for first-timers.
  • Hootsuite ⁠— the complex nature of Hootsuite’s platform also requires a step by step onboarding process which is implemented. The onboarding guides you through the platform as you set up your account until you schedule your first post.

Kontentino Team Functionality

Kontentino thrives for teams. It has been built to address challenges faced by agencies and social media marketing teams in creating content, collaborating, seeking client approval and scheduling.

In the starter plan, it supports 3 users and additional users in higher plans increasing in price per additional users. In comparison, here is how Kontentino alternatives compare:

  • Postfity ⁠— supports 1 user in the mini plan, 10 users (1 team) in the professional plan and 200 users in the agency plan. There is no increase in price per additional user.
  • Hootsuite ⁠— supports 1 user in the starter plan, 3 users in team, and 5 in business which is the highest plan.
  • Publer ⁠— supports unlimited users for the paid plan with every additional user costing approximately $1 or $2 more per month depending on the selected plan.

This comparison means that Postfity is therefore the ideal platform as far as working in teams is concerned if you consider functionality and price of each package.

In conclusion, Kontentino is a great tool for agencies and content approval. However, for marketers who are looking for value for money without the content approval functionality, there are better solutions in the market.

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