The most interesting startups we found on Websummit 2019 - a goldmine of apps that will make your life easier

November 11, 2019

'Glastonbury for Geeks', 'Olympics for Nerds', or simply 'the world's largest tech conference' - now that the dust after Websummit has settled, and the headaches after one-glass-of-Port-too-many are long gone, it's time to look at the most interesting startups we have found on Websummit!Looking for some cheaper and better tools for your business? These startups participating in Websummit's ALPHA and BETA programme will help you save your $$$ and at the same make your life easier!


BOWWE Websummit Startup

The Polish startup offers a beautifully simple and intuitive all-in-one solution for building anSEO-friendly website. The website comes complete with an online store, booking system and CRM. All this for ridiculously low prices compared to other website creators such as Squarespace of Wixx - there is a free plan, a plan with your own domain will cost you only $6 per month, while the professional behemoth plan goes for only $54!


BOWWE doesn't require any coding or technical skills - your website will be based on pre-designed templates, created to meet the needs of different professions:

BOWWE pricing


rick ai

Now that you have your website and you're driving traffic to it - you need something that will help you optimise your conversion rates. You can't just keep pouring water into a leaky bucket after all! That's where RICK AI comes in - it's using AI to analyse your Google Analytics, ad campaigns, landing page, app and CRM to provide smart insights into where you're doing well, and what you could improve to boost your conversion rates. We simply love the idea! You can't just keep pouring water into a leaky bucket after all!


3. eFLYR


eFlyr allows you to create professional video ads for Facebook in seconds, manage your campains and more - for only $5 per month!After you have created your website and optimised your marketing funnels, it's time for some paid ads. You may have heard that video is king on social in 2019 - but creating video ads on Facebook can be time consuming and expensive. That's where eFlyr will help you with its fantastic video app templates!The startup is currently in the go-to-market stage, but watch this space - they are launching in December!


4. Postfity 

Social Media are the second-largest source of referral traffic to your website after Google. But are you doing enough to attract your followers' attention?According to Luise Mayers, a social media expert, you should be posting between 1 and 30 times a day (!) for optimal results!But how do you keep up the volume and consistency of posting while running your business? This is where Postfity comes into play.The social media scheduler allows you to plan up to 10,000 posts into the future - for all major social media platforms - as well as changing Facebook covers. It also offers post ideas, analytics and a handy post calendar which basically removes the need for you to even select posting times - you set them once and Postfity simply adds the new posts you create to the right queue.And to sweeten the deal - like most of the Websummit ALPHA startups - it's much cheaper than the larger competitors!


5. AiBery 

Tired of constantly mindlessly scrolling Facebook? Would like an extra motivation to learn instead? Wait until Aibery hits the AppStore and replaces your social media feed with inspiring, educational and motivational content!

6. Skorebee

Looking to leverage your Social Selling Index? Skorebee allows you to measure and compare your social score with your friends and assess the strength of your profile compared to your network.


7. Contracta 

Having a hard time understanding legalese? Lawers are too expensive though? Contracta uses AI to dissect and interpret legal agreements (e.g. contracts with a landlord, utility provider etc.) and give you feedback on its validity according to local regulations. Lawyers beware, AI is on its way to replacing you! 


8. Sswap 

Speaking of contracts...remember when you were a student and you wanted to swap your room, but the contracts tying you to it made it oh-so-hard? Sswap is on its way to make it easier for you (or your kids ????)!Have you seen any other intersting startups at Websummit?Let us know in the comments!

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