Instagram vs. Twitter - Key Differences and How to Suceed On Each

October 14, 2020

Twitter and Instagram are to be two vastly different social media – so, usually - they are not used to together.


If you’re a largely visual, consumer (B2C) business especially in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle, nutrition etc. industry – you will be better off using Instagram. Instagram allows you to display the images of your products in a visually appealing way – and is best for ‘social selling’ of products that are bought based on their looks, impulse, emotions, or influencer recommendation. There are plenty of influencers on Instagram with a large following in your niche. You can easily reach out to them and invite them to collaborate with you (show your products in their posts in exchange for free products or money).


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Twitter on the other hand – is a conversation platform for exchanging short, snappy messages, news, and opinions. While you can add graphics, images and even videos to Twitter (you can schedule them with Postfity too!) – and those Tweets tend to perform better than text alone – Twitter is still mostly about discussions. You don’t have editing options, filters, or lifestyle influencers that broadcast their lives there. You will find people who are industry influencers thought by regularly sharing their opinions and expertise on a specific topic, and engaging in discussions. So – Twitter will be best for you if you’re offering a B2B product or service in an industry, where decisions are based on value for the user rather than impulse/feelings. You can engage in relevant conversations and discussion, and just like on Linkedin – respond to questions and help people to solve problems – with your product or service.Now that you know the key differences and whether Twitter or Instagram is relevant to you – it’s time to jump into how to succeed on each platform! You will have decided on which social media platform to use in Lesson 1, so you probably know which section to dive into.

How to Succeed on Instagram

  • - Post high-quality images.
  • - Understand your audience and what type of content resonates with them
  • - Have a strategy and a clear content plan
  • - Schedule your post in advance to avoid gaps when ‘life happens’
  • - Engage with your audience in comments.
  • - Follow other popular accounts in your nich and follow the people following them – there’s a high chance they are in your target audience, and will follow you back
  • - Make sure your entire Instagram grid looks pretty
  • - Use all the 30 hashtags

How to Succeed on Twitter

  • - Engage in conversations
  • - Respond to comments
  • - Post short, crisp content
  • - Focus on opinions: don’t be afraid to be controversial
  • - Use 15 hashtags

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