Instagram video formats: IGTV changes into Instagram Video

October 7, 2021

Let's all welcome Instagram Video. After a massive instablackout and the app being down for a few hours on the 4th of October, the following day Instagram announced that IGTV is going to disappear.

Stay calm, it's not going to disappear for good — the video format is still the best performing kind of content on Instagram. The only thing that actually changes is that ...

IGTV changes into Instagram Video

Instagram now combines videos from channels and those posted on IGTV into one. They all will now be available on #instagramvideo. You will also find all your Insta videos in one tab called "Video".

Instavideo intruduction on Twitter

It will appear in the user's profile so that it is easier to reach this type of content. As we read on their blog, the tab will have an icon with the play button. And by tapping a clip anywhere, we'll also go into full-screen mode.

That also means that users will be able to watch more of your content without tapping, searching, and so on.

And for those who want to make the most of the Insta content — the good news is that metrics for videos and clips from IGTV will be available in one place.

Introducing a new format – Instagram Video, which brings Instagram TV instead of IGTV… and what else?

Along with Insta video come some new features. As we can read in Alex Voica tweets, you will be able to add filters, tag people and locations directly while adding a video.

New feautures available for Instagram Videos format

What is more important is the length of actual video formats for Instagram. Videos posted to the main Instagram feed can now be up to 60 minutes long — the length previously reserved for IGTV videos — and you won't have to leave the main app anymore to view them.

And last but not least: the name change will also affect the ads. IGTV ads will now be called "Instagram in-stream video ads".

How will these changes affect your business or change your approach to video publishing? In any case, all of them are important for content creators, as videos are about half of the content viewed by Instagram users.

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