Instagram Swipe up is no more. Welcome Link Stickers!

August 26, 2021

It's set and bound to happen. Swipe up Instagram linking will disappear from the platform. Let's see what's the new feature all about.

Instagram Swipe Up

We've all grown accustomed to Swipe Up on influencer accounts. They weren't available to regular users with a scarce following. Reportedly, the 10,000 followers was the magical threshold that allowed you to post a clickable link on your Stories. Therefore, we remember the feature best from big Instagram accounts or shops, who could actually use the feature.

Below, you'll find a few selected screenshots of the feature. See, how users got creative and made the swipe up really pop?

What will Instagram Swipe Up be replaced with?

Instagram creators have been recently greeted with a pop-up message announcing the end of swiping and the advent of link stickers.

Resignation from Instagram swipe up

Instagram users got hopeful that maybe the feature would be available to all. Unfortunately, as this social media consultant alleges, the feature will be reserved for those, who had swiping up enabled.

Post about ditching Instagram swipe up

Instagram mentions the new feature in the following way on their Instagram Help page: "Link sticker: Enter the URL you want the sticker to link to. Tap See Preview below the link to see what the link will look like when someone opens it. Anyone who can see your story can tap the sticker to visit the link."

So, what's new besides the fact that we have to click instead of swiping up? Well, for starters, we can actually share the Stories with the link further. With swiping up that simply didn't work. Now, the shared and re-shared Stories will have the functional link intact!

What's also exciting, there have been rumours that Instagram will be testing the feature on smaller accounts, too. Hence, there's a chance you can get access to the links without garnering 10,000 followers or being a verified account. The problem: it will probably come as a surprise.

How to add a link to your Story without Instagram Swipe up or link stickers?

Looking for a simple way to add many links to your stories or posts? Try out, Postfity's link in bio feature. With you can create as many tiles for links as you want, and keep your socials always visible at the top, with a link to your page included. All your links can now fit in this one line in the Instagram bio. lets you personalise both social and other links with your custom images, icons or photos. The desktop view allows for a short caption, additionally. You can name your however you see fit. What is more, there is a switch for light and dark modes.

How to replace Instagram Swipe up with on desktop
How to replace Instagram Swipe up with for smartphones on mobile

Other features available with Postfity

When you decide Postfity, is only one of many great useful features you can access. You've learnt that you can link to multiple pages at once on Instagram with See what else you can do with Postfity:

  • schedule and publish to multiple Instagram business profiles directly,
  • make drafts and a pending list of up to 10,000 Instagram posts,
  • post photos and videos to your profile,
  • edit your photos with a built-in image editor,
  • watermark your photos with a built-in tool,
  • create Snapshots to share on Instagram and other social networks,
  • save and add group of relevant hashtags with Snippets,
  • use Ideas and Social Tips Calendar with ready-to-use texts, hashtags, and images to engage your audience daily.
Social Tips Calendar from Postfity

Do not fret, if you won't get the link stickers feature, because you've just been presented with a great alternative. Make sure you know how to grow your Instagram and see what the most important metrics are in our other articles.

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