For 2020 - What to post on Instagram in 2020 month by month

February 3, 2020

Ok, guys - you can be proud of us. It may have taken a bit longer than we thought - but we've done it.We prepared Instagram Post Ideas for the whole year 2020 for you! This comes just after a month after we launched our new feature - the Social Tips Calendar - with content suggestions for every day of the month - so you can spend more time on what really matters in your business rather than planning Facebook copy 😉So, ready? Here are our Intagram post ideas month-by-month:

February Instagram Post Ideas


Season of love

  • Valentine's day special
  • Friday fun fact
  • Thursday tip
  • Promote subscribing to email newsletter

Tips: Use the colours red, pink, and hashtags such as #love, #valentines in your posts a lot

March Instagram Post Ideas

Postfity team guys

Building a community

  • Introduce your team
  • Feature a review or a post from fans
  • Quotes
  • Feature a product / service

April Instagram Post Ideas

postfity spring

Getting ready to get into Summer

  • Summer marketing campaigns
  • Feature a review
  • Talk about a service/product
  • Quotes

May Instagram Post Ideas

Yani Durocher
  • A poll / giveaway
  • Feature a post / review
  • Feature a special one time only promo
  • Mother's Day specials
  • Quotes

June Instagram Post Ideas

  • Summer specials
  • Summer marketing ideas
  • Feature a client
  • Father's day special
  • Quotes

July Instagram Post Ideas

  • 4th of July special
  • Promote newsletter through special promo
  • Feature a product / service
  • Quotes

August Instagram Post Ideas

Summer Productivity Hacks Postfity
  • Videos
  • Feature a client
  • Share your milestones
  • Quotes

September Instagram Post Ideas

  • Tips and tricks to boost your slow month
  • Feature a client / review
  • Run a giveaway
  • Quotes
  • Are you Halloween ready?

October Instagram Post Ideas

[caption id="attachment_15014" align="alignnone" width="613"]

holiday post ideas halloween


  • Halloween specials
  • Feature a review and a giveaway contest
  • Quotes
  • Halloween contest + feature posts

November Instagram Post Ideas

thanksgiving dinner
  • Thanksgiving specials
  • Holiday ideas!
  • Quotes - shareable

December Instagram Post Ideas

12 days of Christmas ecommerce idea
  • 12 days of Christmas specials
  • OR advent calendar specials
  • Holiday ideas
  • Quotes
  • Christmas contents

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