How to increase the amount of your followers/subscribers?

September 24, 2014

How to increase the amount of followers and subscribers for your Twitter&FB page? Keep in mind one simple thing. Anthropological and sociological studies claim that people are used to be a part of tribe, so thay are able to cooperate with around 200 people. If tribe consists of more people, there is a risk of losing a close relationship between each other. Keep that in mind when you are going to reach 1,000 followers. Remember to take care of close relationship with your subscribers! Below you can check some useful notes.


Quality relates not only to the content but to your subscribers - remember to define your target group who would love to use your product and share information about that.Note #1The easiest thing you can do – is to invite your friends. Yes - correct, start from that step. You may even motivate them and suggest that each 10th subscriber will receive a gift (1 month usage of your product for free, of free samples, books, notes etc.) This will motivate them to like your page. You should post some confirmations of lucky subscribers, who received their gifts: some comments, pictures etc.Note #2It does not matter how big your audience is right now: 12 people or 200, you have to give the content which they would love to share on other pages!Content for such sharing could be divided into several types:a) It could be a cool joke, funny video or pictureb) It could be some kind of inspiration-motivation quote that your subscribers will love so much that they would save it by sharing the post-quote on their wall etc.c) Visual background means a lot - so do not forget to use some cool pictures to increase the interest of your audienced) Some kind of situation, case or problem which you have experienced and found cool solutione) Tricks and tips from your field of business which might be useful for subscribers, you may add sometimes call to action sentence to those “share on your wall not to forget”Note # 3Facebook Ads - this one is for those who have some minimum budged for getting more followers. If you know you have some money to spend on marketing strategy and FB is the main channel to promote your page in SM, try to use context ads.It is very easy if you already made some of those marketing analysis to define your audience 9 and you actually should do it anyway if you want to move forward with your business). So imagine you already know the gender, age, region scale, interests of your audience, so now you can just adjust your advertisement to those criteria nice and easy.Remember: Use special contests, promotions to warm up the attention to your fan page to motivate people for actions towards your page.Note#4Finding people ion twitter is a little different story. Actually you can find influential people in the field your interest and business just looking on the lists suggested by the network.Ok - you found them, what’s next. Make a short analysis of their followers and choose your target audience from all of them. Keep an eye on extremely active users - who leave a lot of tweets and retweets.

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