Ideas of how to sell your content!

December 28, 2014

According to the recent news related to social media 2015 trends, the main and most significat approach which you can choose for raising interest to your fan page is great content! Here we want to share 14 tricks for preparing great content.

So let’s start!

  1. Company history

Come back to your sources ad remind your subscribers your success story. You could be surprised, but people

love success stories, which can motivate them, so use this chance and become the motivator. It does not matter which road you have chosen when you started your business/blog etc. Try to show it in the best light and make it your competitive advantage.

  1. News

Here we can divide this part into two areas: a) company news b) industry news.


You can put some light on the things which are going on in your firm: some events, increased level of you subscribers, trying to show your progress.Regarding the industry news, well it is quite obvious but let us remind you that your fans love your page because this is the part of their interest, so try to entertain them not only about you company progress but sharing news and trends which are appearing in your industry.

  1. 1 day from life

This is quite popular trick and now is used by more and more businesses in Social Media world. Try to show your audience what is happening behind the scene of your business: cafe, restaurant, even your office. Try to reveal the other side of your business. You can share pictures of people who are working with you in your team or even share interview with them. More visual elements- the better- keep it in mind.

  1. Compare products or services

This is wonderful trick- try to compare your product or service with the competitive one on the fair basis. Make a far and real review of several products, but do not exaggerate your competitor strength and opportunities. Your subscribers will like it and even if some of them will make another choice then your product or service, remember that you will receive loyalty and traffic ;)

  1. Humor

It’s always better add a little flavor of humor. Share some funny stories related to your product or service or share anonymously some funny requests from your clients.

  1. Stories of lucky& satisfied clients

Share with your subscribers some kind of proof that it worth buying your products, using the approach of satisfied client stories. If you are doing your job well and trying to improve the service it means that definitely there will be several satisfied clients. Those stories shod help you to reveal the best sides and strength of your products.

  1. Typical users/clients description

Use this tip and describe your typical client, user, reader, list some features of character and behaviors, this trick will help you to be closer to your subscribers, they will just simply find themselves in this description and subconsciously will want to be a step closer to buying your goods.

  1. “How to use it” instruction

If you will share a step by step instruction with your subscribers (it can be in PDF, infographics format or in FB post format) at the same time you show that you care about them.Imagine yourself in the specialist shop where you need to buy a gift for your friend, family or even for yourself and you are totally lost waiting for clients support in this shop. Some of your subscribers will enjoy the step by step instruction or even tips&tricks videos how to use your products or service in order to avoid problems wih it and misunderstandings.

  1. Break the myths and legends

In each area of business there are some myths, which could become a serious obstacle to buy your product. Do your best and destroy this problem.10. Interview with expertMake an interview with the expert in your area of business/ niche and try to ask most often and popular questions, which you receive from your clients. Ask him/her to share opinion and vision about those questions, trends and the whole industry at all.11. Best productLeave a post about your best products and describe the reason why those products are most popular and demanded by your clients.12. Interview with customerTake an interview from your client, who is satisfied with your product and service quality and share it in te post. This is incredible valuable material for you and your subscribers.13. GiftsPeople love competition and if you create one on your funpage, this will raise the interest and involvement with your product and service. People love to win! Let it be your awesome product!14. The other side of your awersome productList some unpredictable and cool tips how and when your product or service can be used.

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