How to use social media for real estate

October 5, 2021

Let’s start with why do you even should use social media for real estate? The use of social media has grown at an exponential rate. With the ability to build a strong presence, market real estate properties, and generate leads, social media should be used as a marketing tool for any business.

Social media offers instant access to potential clients, the ability to create relationships with clients and provide opportunities for real-time engagement.

Social media is another way to generate leads. The use of advertising on social media allows for targeting specific demographics within a geographical area who are likely in the market for buying or selling property.

Through content marketing, businesses can develop an online presence that attracts prospective buyers and sellers. This presence will contribute to customer loyalty by making prospects feel like they are known by businesses which can lead them back into brick-and-mortar locations.

Reasons why you should use social media for real estate

The Best Social Media for Real Estate Professionals

The real estate industry has changed rapidly over the past 10 years with the use of new technologies. But with so many social media tools on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are best for your needs.

Social Media for Real Estate #1 Instagram

This platform is a perfect social media for real estate professionals to share photos of properties for sale or promote their own business. Look at the example of John Lake Estate Agent’s Instagram.

Instagram example social media for real estate

The Instagram strategy should start with being yourself and understanding your audience. Start sharing your passions and humanize your content in a way that inspires potential clients. Adjust your strategy over time based on how well it's been working. Find your best hashtags and put links in your bio to drag more traffic to a specific website.

Social Media for Real Estate #2 Facebook and Facebook Groups

A place where you can interact with potential clients and engage in discussions about topics relevant to your field. Facebook is one of the best platforms for real estate advertisement. It's part of a powerful social media marketing strategy because it affects many levels, including:

  • Targeting local customers. Local businesses can be helped enormously by their local surroundings. Facebook Ads Manager also offers the chance to target people locally - whether that's Facebook users in your area or people searching for homes.
  • Showing off properties. Facebook is a visual social media platform; it relies on visual content. When you advertise on Facebook, you can show images of your available homes.
  • Creating relationships. People are generally more receptive to advice when it comes from someone that they know, not just someone that's attempting to sell them something. Facebook is a good platform for developing relationships with potential clients and customers.
Facebook example of social media for real estate
Source: Facebook

Social Media for Real Estate #3 LinkedIn

The professional networking site allows you to connect with other professionals in your industry and share articles, blog posts, and content relevant to your niche. One of the most common reasons people love LinkedIn is that it's designed to connect you with relevant professionals. The more connections you have, the more likely it is that they will help you get ahead in your career.

Example of LinkedIn's profile of real estate marketing expert
Source: LinkedIn

Social Media for Real Estate #4 Twitter

Twitter is the ideal platform for those in the real estate business as they need to have a strong social media presence as part of their marketing strategy. Twitter also allows you to be updated on local events and news. Then, it means people can find your content easily and follow you for future updates. 

A platform like this would make you a more trustworthy real estate agent. For example, if you tweet educational content on your industry and it’s reader-friendly, then people will know that you care about what they want to learn.

Twitter - social media for real estate
Source: Twitter

Choose your social media tool 

It can be hard to juggle your day-to-day schedule with your duties. Try using tools that allow you to manage your social media for real estate effectively during work hours. In this way, you'll find that you have more time dedicated to what matters most for the business.

Plan your social media for real estate with Postfity

The most important thing, if it’s about managing the social media for real estate is to be consistent. Hence, it is important for real estate companies to take control over their social media. They should create a content strategy that should include planning and scheduling, creating and posting content.

It's not necessary for the real estate company to hire a full-time employee who manages social press. There are tools such as Postfity, which can help you with planning and scheduling content. 

Postfity’s offer

Here are some of the actions that you can do with Postfity:

  • Planning and scheduling posts to different social media accounts,
  • Making a pending list (up to 10.000 posts),
  • Adding photos and videos to your posts,
  • Editing your photos with a built-in image editor,
  • Creating images,
  • Adding watermark to your photos,
  • Generating Snapshots so that your text will stand out,
  • Using Snippets to add and save groups of hashtags or text,
  • Using Ideas, Social Tips and Holidays Calendar to get ready-to-use posts,
  • Directing your followers to your own landing page,
  • Scheduling to different time zones,
  • Adding drafts and sending them for approval within a team,
  • Analysing performance.
Postfity's offer

Final thoughts

Having a plan is crucial when it’s about managing social media platforms. The good thing is that as you can see you don’t need to spend lots of money on social media managers. Make a plan and schedule your posts. Try out Postfity to improve your marketing strategy!

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