How to Use Google My Business to Get More Customers

December 17, 2021

In order to get more customers and raise their trust, many business owners decide to create a Google My Business account? Why? Well, it’s simple if you know how and why you should use it for your business. This is what I am going to show you in this article.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free online tool that can help business owners to grow their businesses and gain more customers.

Google My Business is a free, easy-to-use link between businesses and customers. It is an online platform that helps you manage your company's information with ease. Google My Business also lets you interact with your customers. It helps business owners manage their online presence across Google products, including Search, Maps, and Google+. Then it also allows business owners to claim their listing on Google's online directory. What is more, business owners can add other details like phone numbers and office hours to make their listings more informative. Businesses can respond to customer reviews and add photos of their products or offices. Lastly, they can share content with followers through the "My Business" social media channels to connect with people who might not otherwise know about their business.

All this makes it the perfect marketing tool for any company, large or small.

Google My Business page
Google My Business page

Why is it Important to Get Reviews from Your Customers?

The importance of reviews is not a new phenomenon. Businesses have been using reviews to get feedback from their customers for many years. Reviews can be a powerful tool for boosting your business, but only if you know how to use them correctly. You should strive to always get reviews from your customers and to always ask them for feedback. 

Reviews are a good way to evaluate the products and services of a company. Reviews also give potential customers an idea of what they can expect from the product or service that they are interested in.

Online reviews can be helpful because people want to know what other people think about the product before they buy it. Since online reviews are written by real people who have actually used the product, these reviews will be less biased than those created by company employees. It is important for businesses to get these reviews from their customers because they can provide valuable insight and feedback on how well the business, products and services are doing.

How can you get more customers by using GMB?

Using Google My Business is an easy way to show off. Many people are looking for online profiles first before they decide to buy a product or service. That’s why putting enough effort into your account can help you increase the number of your customers. What can you do then? 

Be noticeable

People like knowing where they go and what they buy. That’s the reason why you should be noticeable on the Internet and especially Google My Business. Why? It helps your customers to find the most important information about your business and they can read other people’s reviews, which is also helpful. 

You can also improve your SEO by using it. So, when someone is looking for your business, they'll find you on page one. 

Even if you already have a web presence, it may be worth the investment to set up a Google My Business account. Accounts can help better your advertising strategy by giving you access to analytics.

Update information

Don’t let your customers guess anything about your products. Google My Business provides details about your services and products. Don't let misinformation happen. You can use Google My Business to manage your online presence. It will help the business keep in touch with their customers and stay updated on what's going on with the business.

Your account provides useful details such as business hours, contact information, and more. It can be especially helpful when it’s about announcing new guidelines (for example according to the current COVID-19 situation). 

Remember that updating information about your business is important. Imagine going to the shop and discovering it’s closed, but you didn’t find any information about it before – it is disappointing, therefore, remember to keep your potential customers updated all the time. 

Build trust

Did you know that having your business listed on Google My Business can help you gain more trust from your potential customers? People are more likely to buy something from businesses that are listed on Google because they seem more trustworthy. 

Another thing is that people can read others’ reviews and decide whether they want your product or not. Also, based on the reviews they can see that your company is an authentic one. 

Manage your GMB account with Postfity

Postfity is a social media scheduler that you can use to save time. You can schedule posts to different, most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others at the same time. It’s also a great marketing tool that can help you boost engagement and better your performance. 

Find out more about Postfity and try it out today!

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