How to share a tweet on Instagram in 2021

October 25, 2021

If you’re running an online business, you must know how powerful social media are. Businesses usually run a few social media accounts to make sure that they use those ones that are suitable for everyone. That’s the reason why you should know how to share a tweet on Instagram!

And yes, you can do it very easily! All you need is the right tool that will help you with it. 

How to share a tweet on Instagram

Why is it important to know how to share a tweet on Instagram? 

Well, as you know, people are all different and have different preferences. That’s the reason why they are all using different social media. You might like Instagram and Facebook, but someone else might say those are a waste of time and they only use Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date with all the important news.

Remember, the more channels you manage, the higher possibility there is you will gain more audience and then engagement. Even though sometimes it might be difficult to run a few social media at the same time, there are some great tools that might help you with!

Pro tip: You can easily schedule your social media posts for different social networks in advance - thanks to social media scheduling tools like Postfity. Plus: thanks to this social media scheduler, you can save even more time by reusing your content or changing plain text info attractive graphics .

What are the benefits of changing a tweet into an Instagram post? 

Why should you even bother to know how to share a tweet on Instagram? Well, there are many outcomes out of posting from Twitter to Instagram. I will show you some of them. 

  • It is a great way to use the content you already have. Now, you just need to change it into a visual thing. It’s less work for you, and still, you will stay consistent with posting to social media. 
  • It might be an opportunity to promote your Twitter channel, so in this way, maybe you could get more followers. Who knows ☺️?
  • You will definitely make your Instagram greed more diverse, which can be interesting and attract others’ attention. 
  • It’s just a simple way to reach out to more people.

A free tool that will help you  

There is a free tool that can help you with changing a tweet into an Instagram post. Did you know about it? Well, if not, then there you go! You’re welcome ☺️

It’s just as easy as pie. All you need to do is go to this website . Then simply just enter your Tweet’s URL address, choose the style, and click the “generate” button. You can even choose your own background!

How to share a tweet on Instagram? Let me show you this in three easy steps to follow. 

1. Enter your tweet’s address and choose the image

Postfity's free tool

2. Click the generate button and download it

Change a tweet into an Instagram post

3. Now, all you need to do is share it on Instagram!

Also, it would be a good idea to get yourself a tool that will help you schedule all of those posts to different social media platforms and accounts. In that case, it seems like it’s just the right time to introduce Postfity! 

Change your tweet into an Instagram post 

Postfity is a social media scheduler, where you can plan and schedule your posts. However, it’s also a great and powerful social media marketing tool. How to share a tweet on Instagram with it? It’s even easier than what I’ve shown you before. 

Once you plan your post on Twitter, all you need to do is to click on that and “reuse” it. 

Postfity's reusing post

Then simply just choose the right account and generate a snapshot.

Postfity's generating snapshot

Are you surprised yet? It really is that simple! Postfity will help you save a lot of time that you can spend on creating content rather than switching between different social media and posting it. 

You’ll get this Postfity’s function within every package for free. Therefore, it might be worth checking the pricing and offer here

Not only Twitter to Instagram

Remember that social media are all about the visual. It might be more attractive to share an image instead of just a simple text that will look the same as any other text on your followers’ wall. That’s why you might consider using pictures also for different social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Postfity supports those two popular platforms too, as well as “Russian Facebook” – VKontakte. Let’s take a look at different features that you might get with Postfity: 

  • Planning and scheduling posts to different accounts,
  • Making a pending list (up to 10.000 posts),
  • Adding photos and videos to your posts,
  • Editing your photos with a built-in image editor
  • Creating images,
  • Adding watermark to your photos,
  • Using Snippets to add and save groups of hashtags or text,
  • Using Ideas, Social Tips and Holidays Calendar to get ready-to-use posts,
  • Directing your followers to your own landing page, 
  • Scheduling to different time zones,
  • Adding drafts and sending them for approval within a team, 
  • Analysing performance

… and many more! 

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to share a tweet on Instagram in an easy way, you will be able to save a lot of time. It might be worth trying out new tools that can help you with managing your social media accounts. Especially when it comes to running a business and plenty of different accounts.

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