How to schedule a Pinterest post?

November 22, 2021

Pinterest is a social media platform that is focused mostly on photos but also videos. In recent years it gained a lot of popularity. According to Pinterest Annual Report from 2021, the number of monthly active users in 2020 reached 459 million. 

Pinterest has one of the highest rates of engagement of all social media platforms (more than YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn), and this makes it an attractive avenue for marketing campaigns. That is a good reason for you to learn what Pinterest post is all about. 

How to get visual content noticed by the Pinterest algorithm?

Pinterest is a photo and video bookmarking and sharing website. It is one of the most popular social media platforms for visual content. The platform has introduced a lot of new features that help people find, organize and discover the best content on the website.

It is good for business pages because it has an algorithm that can detect if the content is relevant to users. Content with high relevancy will show up in the feed more often than content with low relevancy. Pinterest’s algorithm makes it easier to get your visual content noticed. With this in mind, you should optimize your Pinterest profile with these steps:

  • be sure to upload high-quality images onto Pinterest, not just low-resolution photos; from other websites or blurry ones from your mobile device;
  • to get more visibility on Pinterest, upload at least 8 images per board;
  • use at least 2 photo filters per photo;
  • photos with faces tend to be more popular than photos without them;
  • use keywords when uploading images for boards with specific topics.

Pinterest marketing strategy

Pinterest is driven by images and videos, and if you have a product to sell, it provides an excellent opportunity to get your products in front of potential customers. Therefore, you will need a strategy to expand your business there. There are a few steps that you should follow:

  1. Research what works well on Pinterest
  2. Create visuals that will work well for this platform 
  3. Analyze and identify your customer's shopping behaviour and interests
  4. Optimize your website to be able to better promote your products
  5. Plan out your content and schedule it        

Planning a Pinterest post

The last point of the previous list is crucial: plan your content in advance. Consistency is an important part of any social media platform, but if you want to take it seriously, then you should keep that in mind all the time. The algorithm will work in your favour if you upload a certain amount of content every day, which is quite understandable if you think about it. They just want you, as a creator, to keep other people active in their App. That is why you should schedule at least one Pinterest post a day. 

However, sometimes it might be difficult. If you are working for the whole week, you probably just want to chill out during the weekend – why would you even bother to go online and add some posts? Well, if that’s the case I’ve got a perfect solution for you. This thing is called social media scheduler. 

A social media planner is a great tool that will help you deal with posting to different platforms every day. Thanks to it, you can keep consistency and still do social media detox. You can spend one day a week planning content for different social media, and everything will be published automatically. How cool is that?

Planning a Pinterest post with Postfity

Planning a Pinterest post with the Postfity app is as easy as pie! I will quickly show you how to do that so you can see how simple it is. 

After logging into your panel, you will be able to choose an appropriate social media account (previously linked to your Postfity account). Then you just simply write a description. You can also add title, link, and alternative text. Photo is obviously required. 

Scheduling a Pinterest post with Postfity

The best thing is that you can schedule posts to multiple social media platforms and accounts at the same time. There is also a “calendar view” available for you, so in this way, you can easily look at your posts’ schedule. 

Postfity's calendar view

Postfity’s useful features while creating a Pinterest post

Postfity is not only a social media planner but also a great marketing tool. It has a few features that will definitely make difference while creating a Pinterest post. 

Built-in photo editor

Creating a Pinterest post might be quite a challenge. Especially because it is a photos-focused platform, you might have to use different websites to edit your photos. However, if you get the Postfity, you will also gain the access to the built-in image editor. It might be useful in terms of quick cutting the photo or adding a filter or a sticker. Read more about it here

Postfity's image editor

Social tips calendar and Ideas for posts

If you struggle with ideas for posts at any time, you can always look them up in our two great features. Social tips calendar will give you ready-to-use posts with the right description, hashtags, and photos. While ideas section is there to give you interesting articles related to your brand, so that you can share them with your audience. Then you can also find a relevant photo, add it to the post, and voilà! 

Get inspired with Postfity's Social Tips Calendar
Use ideas for posts with Postfity

Other Postfity’s features

Thanks to Postfity you can also:

  • plan and publish to multiple profiles directly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, VKontakte, Google My Business, and Pinterest;
  • create drafts and a waiting list for up to 10,000 posts on social media;
  • use the calendar view to manage your posts, publish and schedule posts for each day of the month;
  • collaborate with your team, assign different levels of access, and submit packages for approval;
  • publish photos and videos on your profile;
  • add a watermark to your photos using the built-in tool;
  • create snapshots of your posts for sharing on Pinterest and other social media;
  • link to multiple pages at the same time using;
  • save and add a group of relevant hashtags using the snippets feature;
  • use the ideas and the social tips calendar with ready-to-use texts, hashtags, and images to increase the engagement of your audience on a daily basis.

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