How to post on Pinterest automatically?

November 4, 2021

Pinterest is a website on which people can post images and create boards organized by different topics. How to post, and what can you actually post? It is not just for photos — you can also find boards with doodles, GIFs, and videos. 

Users can follow other Pinterest accounts and boards, which are collections of pins grouped by subject or topic. Although it is an image-based platform, unlike Instagram, your content leads back to your website's link.

Why you should start using it

Pinterest could be a great way for you to share information about your products or services with other people. It also provides the opportunity for businesses to generate leads by creating an account and engaging with other members.

As of 2020, there are over 459 million monthly active users (Pinterest, 2021) on Pinterest, which makes it one of the most popular social media sites in the world. The site has been used by many businesses for marketing purposes because it provides an opportunity to reach more people in less time than any other social media app out there.

Monthly active users of Pinterest
(Pinterest Annual Report, 2021) 

However, still, an overwhelming number of small businesses do not use it. Why?

  • They think that Pinterest is only for fashion and food trends.
  • They are intimidated because they do not know how to get started with Pinterest.
  • They fear wasting time on Pinterest when they could be doing other things like email marketing or Facebook ads.
  • They do not want to make a mistake by posting at the wrong time of the day or uploading a post that does not really fit their brand identity, so they stay away from it altogether.

Therefore, do not be one of these people. You should no longer ignore this powerful app and try to grow your business there as well. However, it might be difficult if you do not have enough time to manage all of the trending social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now this. I have got good news for you — there is a solution. How to post on Pinterest and expand your business there not losing too much time? It is as easy as pie — just use a social media scheduler.

How to post on Pinterest with social media scheduler? 

Thanks to social media schedulers such as Postfity, you can just plan all of your posts and have more time to manage your business, customers, and more important things. It is a great tool that will help you save a lot of time, especially if you choose one that is more than a simple social media planner. What does it mean? Let me introduce you to Postfity…

How to post on Pinterest with Postfity?

You can schedule your Pinterest posts with Postfity. Postfity is a social media scheduler that supports most popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, VKontakte, Google My Business as well as of course Pinterest. It is not only a simple social media planner but also a powerful marketing tool. 

After you log into your panel you will be able to select the right social media account and then simply plan the post. Look below how easy it is. 

How to post on Pinterest with Postfity

The best thing is that you can plan it to different social media platforms at the same time. 

Planned Pinterest posts on Postfity

Other Postfity’s features that you can use with Pinterest

As I mentioned before – Postfity is not just a social media planner, it will also help you analyse the content, come up with ideas for posts, work within a team, and many more. Look at those great tools – Social Tips Calendar and Ideas. 

If you struggle to find ideas for posts, you can always use one of those. You will find there ready-to-use posts as well as inspirations for content.

Social Tips Calendar with ready-to-use posts
Social Tips Calendar
Ideas for content

Let's go through all the other features and functionalities of Postfity. See what you can do with the tool and why you need it. Thanks to Postfity you can:

  • plan and publish to multiple profiles directly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, VKontakte, Google My Business, and Pinterest;
  • create drafts and a waiting list for up to 10,000 posts on social media;
  • use the calendar view to manage your posts, publish and schedule posts for each day of the month;
  • collaborate with your team, assign different levels of access, and submit packages for approval;
  • publish photos and videos on your profile;
  • edit your photos or create new images using the built-in image editor;
  • add a watermark to your photos using the built-in tool;
  • create Snapshots of your posts for sharing on Pinterest and other social media;
  • link to multiple pages at the same time using;
  • save and add a group of relevant hashtags using the Snippets feature;
  • use the ideas and the Social Tips Calendar with ready-to-use texts, hashtags, and images to increase the engagement of your audience on a daily basis.

How to post on Pinterest – final thoughts

If you have not tried expanding your business to Pinterest yet, then now is a good time to give it a go. It might be a good opportunity for you to gain a new audience and also customers. Since it might be a bit time-consuming, you can try a tool such as Postfity that will help you with organizing your time, content, and everything you need in social media marketing. Give it a go, and try Postfity!

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