How to Drive Traffic from TikTok with — ultimate guide

August 17, 2021

You've started using TikTok — and now what? What should you do to drive people to your brand website or your products? This guide will tell you what are your options. Let's dive right in.

TikTok: important stats

In the second quarter of 2021, TikTok was estimated to have a total of 732 million global active users. The app continues to be downloaded regularly since the beginning of 2017. It peaked in the first quarter of 2020, garnering 315 million downloads, with the next three months showing similar results.

Statistic: Number of TikTok downloads from 1st quarter 2017 to 2nd quarter 2021 (in millions) | Statista

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Since it became the most downloaded app during the first lockdown, as the statistics show, the app has remained very popular. What is more, people like it for the ability to observe and follow current trends. Moreover, it’s also important to see TikTok as a marketing platform. Brands flock to TikTok to showcase their products and accomplishments, and become universally recognized.

how to put a link in tiktok bio: statistics

On TikTok you can become a phenomenon within a month, like Adult Swim. The number of mentions of this Cartoon Network brand has risen by 1,787.5 percent when compared to the number of mentions from June 2021.

If you want to harness the power of TikTok, read on.

TikTok as a good place for marketing

Adweek titled its article "TikTok Is Growing Up, and So Are Its Users" and it's very true. At the moment 24% of the TikTok platform users are aged between 25-34.. This means that the platform has become much more attractive for brands and businesses looking to market products to customers with a purchasing power that has been long-established.

In the second quarter of 2021, there were 205 million TikTok downloads. In April 2021, TikTok was the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide with over 59 million installations. This shows that the platform is thriving.

With the app on the upswing, new creators continue to shoot their shot at a viral video. And they really do stand a chance against the bigger creators, because the algorithm allows everyone to go viral, even if the new account has just been created and has zero followers.

Let's see what are the best ways to draw traffic to your website.

How to put a link in TikTok bio

The only place where you can put a clickable URL leading to any site you need is the bio. It's almost the same as on Instagram, although some users experience a problem that does not happen on Insta. Namely, a personal account sometimes allows for a website link, and other times it doesn't. If you have an issue with that, here's Postfity's guide to adding your link.

Remember, that it's best to take advantage of that link and put a URL for a minisite there. is a user-friendly tool for creating your individualized landing minisites. Moreover, you can create multiple accounts, one for each social medium. Measure traffic on your TikTok account with and stay informed on how many people check out your minisite.

how to put a link in tiktok bio:'s desktop view
how to put a link in tiktok bio: on mobile's mobile view

What is more, you can share any link you like, and there's a separate space for all your socials. Make tiles that will instantly capture the viewers’ interest and make them click. What is most important, you choose the image that will represent each article/blog/site. Personalize everything you need.

After learning how to put a link in TikTok bio #1: analytics

What is the most important in a brand's social media venture? The statistics, of course! The data does all the real talk on every social media platform and in every campaign. TikTok lets you measure statistics whether you have a business account or a personal account. That is true, but that applies only to your TikToks and TikTok account views.

If you want to see the data for the landing page that you've put in TikTok bio, you will need an analytics tool. That's when Postfity's comes in. The tool's analytics let you see how many people visited the landing page in any given period (you can choose the dates). Moreover, there are statistics for each social link and each link that you've put on the minisite. There's also a separate section for top clicks on links. analytics

After learning how to put a link in TikTok bio #2: strategies to try out

There are a few things you can and should try out to make people click on your link or get them interested in your brand. Focus on one at a time to see, which is bringing you the best results.

  1. Make use of trends. TikTok is notorious for showcasing mainly the videos created to a trending beat or with the use of a popular effect/filter. Remember to stay on brand though. Always try to find a way to bend the trend in a way that would be beneficial to your business.
  2. Show your best features. Whether you run a clothes shop or advertise an app, remember to show people what you've got. Don't be afraid to flaunt it a little, but remember about point no. 1 and sprinkle a bit of humour on top.
  3. Upload shorter videos. It's important whether a user finishes watching your video from beginning to end, or even rewatches it. Fortunately, trends don't usually use long music tracks, so you can keep it trendy and teach viewers something important about your brand in up to 15 seconds.
  4. Partner with influencers. If you've got some funds to spare, try researching the TikTok market to find a TikToker that best fits your standards and has an adequate "vibe" so that their followers won't think your partnership is just another scam.
  5. Splurge on an ad. Going that extra mile can do the trick, provided you don't use an old trend or cringey clickbaits. Do it only if you have a great idea, and keep it brief. After all, you're keeping TikTok users from viewing yet another video.
  6. Go live. If you have enough followers and have prepared something special to entice the newcomers, going live is great for enhancing your results. Another advantage is that the algorithm also likes to show TikToks from those who are going live at the moment.

Reminder: how to put a link in TikTok bio

With Postfity’s feature you can create neat and convenient linking minisites for your TikTok account and other apps. See how to create and navigate your own here. Join Postfity and use this incredible tool — with a free 30 day trial!

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