How to boost your conversion on SAAS application?

June 27, 2018

Ok, you already have an application, you’ve planned all features and created the wonderful design but what to do next…? How to attract the client and make him stay with you? Below you will find five propositions from Postfity how to boost your conversion.First of all, let us remind you what SaaS is. This four-letter abbreviation refers to a specific software model designed for application; it is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.

Now, let's see 5 ways to boost your conversion on SaaS application

1. Social Proof

Who can recommend you better than your clients? Have you wondered how many times you bought something because of good opinions and friends recommendations? Exactly. There is nothing to hide – we are all influenced by people, internet…basically everything. That is why it’s really important to pay attention to how you present in social media, especially in case of SaaS apps, which conversion is based on people signing up through the Internet. There are few different kinds of social proof, which are listed below.-case studies-testimonials-reviews-social media-trust icons-data/numbers

Find out more about social proof in our next blog article!

2. Benefit

Why do costumers should invest in your app? Well, the most important for them is obviously a benefit. If you make your app benefit-driven, the probability of conversion raise is much bigger. How to do this? The benefit doesn`t have to be material – let`s be honest, nobody does anything for free… Instead, you can offer a professional product, with a clear message what is it for, useful tools and reliable service.A great example is Postfity :)

Another example: MailChimp (

3. Free trial

Obviously, word “free” attracts many potential clients. Why not use this attractor in order to catch someone’s attention. Free trials are a perfect option in 2 cases: a) new applications or products which are not known yet b) the product/service is already known, however, it’s a bit expensive, so the price may frighten the client. After the end of a free trial period, it’s more probable that the customers would get used to it ;)Example: Spotify (

In this case, a great example is Spotify - an app to listen, discover and download music. What they offer is a premium trial for 3 months for few cents; during this period a new user has a possibility to check out how it works. The only "distraction" might be adverts, which pop up from time to time while listening. From one side it might be annoying, but from the other side, it makes people feel like they want to try out a "full" version because they already get used to it.

4. On-boarding process

It’s always better to use things that you know how to use. Some people read instructions before putting the washing machine, but probably there is more that do not, because of the laziness. To meet your client needs, give him a short introduction to your offer. Actually, it’s your business to sell the service well ;) Quick demo or interesting welcoming newsletter with an explanation of app features doesn’t require much effort and might be beneficial in the future.Example: Slack (

Slack is a really good example, because of its simplicity. This wide world application is a perfect tool for communication among workers.

5. Value proposition

VP should be something that stands out your brand among concurrency and convinces customers to buy your product/service. In general, it seems obvious, but there are plenty of brands which claim hackneyed slogans. Although, it’s extremely important to consciously know your brand’s value and tell about it smartly.Example: Apple (

We all know this brand. It’s one of the most powerful brand worldwide, and it’s not without the reason. Each element is coherent with the main insight of the client. That is why it’s so easy to claim the value proposition – it’s clear and transparent for every user.And you? How do you boost your conversion?

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