How to automatically add watermarks to your photos in 2021

October 12, 2021

Adding watermarks to your photos is very important if you value your work and don’t want someone else to steal it. If you add a watermark, you’ve got a guarantee that even though someone will use your photo, it still refers to your name, blog, etc. 

That’s the reason why you should probably add watermarks to your social media photos. However, sometimes it might be a bit problematic to find a proper tool to do that. Switching between websites, uploading photos, and adding a watermark every time you post something on social media might be annoying. That’s why we’ve presented a function of adding watermarks to your photos!

Add watermarks to your social media photos with Postfity!

You don’t need to switch between the apps and websites anymore, because everything you need is in one place! Then, thanks to Postfity you can easily add watermarks to your social media photos. It’s all automatic. 

How to use watermarks with Postfity

There’s an article in our Knowledge Base about how to set up your watermark. You can read more about it here
I’ll just quickly show you how it looks like. After you go to the settings tab ( ) in your panel, choose the “social accounts” tab and scroll down. You will see these settings. 

Postfity's watermark settings

As you can see, you can control its position and opacity. Then, after you tick a box on the top to activate the watermark and upload a file, it’ll be added to every photo you upload via Postfity. How convenient is that?! ☺️

Final thoughts

There are a few reasons why adding a watermark to your photos is important. One, you will be able to protect your work from being stolen and used in a way that does not align with your style or credit. Second, it will give you more control over how the work is used and shared. That way, you will get the credit for the content and can get the credit for what you do best: photography!

A lot of people think that adding watermarks to their photos is unnecessary or backward. But know that there are many benefits of doing this!

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