How To Add Music To Instagram Story

February 27, 2021

How to add Instagram music to your stories? A lot of people are asking themselves this question as they strive to make their content more interesting and win more followers. With over 500 million active users daily, Stories has become one of the most attractive features of Instagram. Instagram took it one step further and added a Music feature in 2018, allowing users to add soundtracks to a story that fits any mood. According to Instagram, the music feature in stories gives the users “new ways to feel closer to their friends and followers”.

How Does Music In Instagram Story Work?

When you add music to your story, your followers will hear the song playing while viewing the picture or video you posted. A sticker will display the title and artist name of the song you selected. 

There are two ways of adding music to your Instagram story - using a music sticker, or recording a video by choosing a song before. 

Adding Instagram Music To Your Story Using A Sticker

1. Swipe left from your Instagram Home Feed.

Swipe left, or click your profile icon in the stories ribbon.  

2. Select the photo or video you want to post.

Select a photo or a 15-second video from your gallery to post. You can also use the Graphics Editor on Postfity to create beautiful graphics from templates and stock photos right from your social media scheduler.

3. Tap the sticker icon.

You can find the sticker icon placed in the top menu ribbon. Tap it to view the sticker gallery.

Add music to instagram

4. Tap the "Music" sticker.

Tap on the music sticker to open the music library on Instagram.

How to add music to instagram - tap music sticker

5. Search for the song you want to add.

You can select one of the songs Instagram curated for you or browse music based on moods, themes, and genres. You can also search for songs by title and artist.

adding music to instagram - searching for a song

6. Select the part of the song you want.

Drag the bar right or left to place it to the segment of the song you want to be played in your story. You can also tap the circle on the left side of the music clip to select the duration of the segment. The default duration is 15 seconds.

Selecting the part of the song you want

7. Select the type of visual you want to display.

You can choose to display animated lyrics, the cover art of the song album, or a box containing the song title and artist name. 

selecting instagram music visual to display

8. Post your story.

Tap “Done” to finish editing and post the story.

How else to add instagram music to your story? Record Your Story With Music In The Background

You can also choose a song before capturing a video. After opening the story window, swipe to the music option under the record button. Search for the song you want to add to the story.  Select the duration of the part and drag the bar to locate the segment of the song. Finally, record the video with the song playing in the background, and post your story. 

recording instagram music in the background

Can’t Access Music In Your Instagram Story?

You might not be able to find either of the options to work for you. This could be for multiple reasons.  

The obvious reason could be that Instagram music is still not available in your country. While it’s currently available to more than 90 countries, Instagram is working on expanding the availability of music to more regions. 

You can identify this while viewing a story with Instagram music enabled. It will show you a non-intrusive pop-up saying, “Instagram Music is not available in your region”. But if music is available in your region and you still can’t access music, then it could be one of the two following issues.

You could be using an out-of-date app. To access music in Instagram stories, you need to make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app. 

If you have an updated app and still can’t access music, you might be trying to add it to a branded content campaign. Instagram's advertising policies restrict music from being added to branded content ads to prevent copyright violations.

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