Holiday Marketing Calendar 2021 — Best Holiday Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Sales in the Holiday Season!

October 21, 2021

Have you been wondering how to use October, November, and December holidays to your advantage? Do you want to see marketing ideas for TikTok? This guide is your perfect source of sales-boosting content ideas for the last quarter of 2021.

Holiday Marketing Calendar 2021 — where to find useful holidays and observances?

We're guessing you're wondering what is the perfect place to find the best intel on special days, holidays, and observances. Then, which ones will be good enough to make a post or a blog note about them? Perhaps you're perfectly aware that you'd be able to search for that information on Google or Wikipedia. However, time is of the essence and since time also happens to be what marketers usually lack, Postfity comes to the rescue.

Postfity's content creation support

If you're looking for your ideal tool for managing your social media and scheduling to your business social accounts, see what Postfity has to offer. As far as content creation supporting features are concerned, Postfity provides the following functionalities:

  • Social Tips Calendar, with ready-to-use posts relating to holidays, famous quotes, etc. with hashtags and pictures/photos for every day of every month. First of all, there are intriguing posts relating to each day’s special occasion or observances. Secondly, we sprinkled in some meaningful quotes that your audience can relate to. Thirdly, you’ll see engaging questions in every post to help you attract commenters. And then, to top it all of, we got you: carefully selected hashtags to make your posts easier to find, and vivid pictures and photos to capture the followers’ attention.
  • Holidays Calendar — a list of holidays for that day and inspiring articles that we share in the Calendar view, so you can easily add them to your scheduled social posts. With these features you are one click away from preparing inspirational content.
  • Ideas, which is an entire database of well-written evergreen articles that you can use to create your posts and link to your followers. The database features articles on various topics pertaining to multiple fields of interest, such as technology, games, society, sports, and more.
Social Tips Calendar

Finally, all of these functionalities are availble in any of Postfity's plans.

Holiday Marketing Calendar 2021: Art-related holidays in October

Provided that your business is somehow tied to the art world, there are two important observances at the end of October that you can utilize in your social media marketing strategy.

  • October 25th — International Artist Day
  • October 28th — International Animation Day

How can you integrate those special days into your social media communication strategy?

  1. Create a useful Instagram carousel post — a sort of a guide for social media marketing for beginner artists.
  2. Plan a post that will briefly summarise an art movement that has influenced your work or works.
  3. Make a timelapse video where you create an art piece or an animation and post it on TikTok. At the very end of the video give a promo code for those who have watched it all.
  4. If you're the only graphic designer in your team, join the "accents challenge" on TikTok (just google it, find a compilation on YouTube, or simply check it out on TikTok). The gist of that challenge is you show what the picture should look like first (your professional work). Then, for each "word with an accent" you show one of your colleagues' (the non-professionals) work. These TikToks are immensely popular.
Holiday Marketing Calendar 2021: a tutorial Instagram carousel post
Carousel tutorial

Holiday Marketing Calendar 2021: Other popular holidays in October

At the end of October, there are two holidays that can be of great use to social media marketers. Of course, they can be used to promote an article, some specific content, or to spread the word about some special offer or promo. Those days are:

  • October 29th — Internet Day,
  • October 31st — Halloween.

Even though it's no Black Friday, people expect to see promo codes or get extras for Halloween. How to leverage these expectations?

  1. Use Halloween templates on your socials. They really do catch our eye, and they may be used just during this one month in the entire year.
  2. Some people are crazy about numbers. On Internet Day, you should publish a carousel post with insightful data analysis regarding how people use the Internet. If you need some inspo for that post, check this compilation out. By the way, it is presumed that data does really well on Twitter.
  3. If you're planning to organize a halloween costume party in your office, remember to take a group photo. Alternatively, you can make a TikTok showcasing all the best costumes (for that a theme party would be ideal). It's a great way to show off your team.
Holiday Marketing Calendar 2021: fall/halloween seasonal carousel post
Halloween/Fall fonts

Holiday Marketing Calendar 2021: November holidays and observances

As all of you know, the end of November abounds in holidays that are perfect for marketing. However, there are more occasions to celebrate and use in your social media marketing strategy.


  • 1st — Job Action Day
  • 3rd — Stress Awareness Day
  • 13th — World Kindness Day
  • 16th — International Day for Tolerance
  • 19th — International Men's Day
  • 24th — Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
  • 25th — Thanksgiving
  • 26th — Black Friday
  • 29th — Cyber Monday

How to leverage those days?

Think about including them in your social media strategy for November.

  1. First comes Job Action Day. This is a great day to acquaint people with the specifics of your work. It's no secret that a lot of people are interested in a career change, and that they are eager to work in social media. Search for the right hashtags, create an interesting post image, and write great copy explaining all that should be explained regarding your job.
  2. Although it feels strange to say it, mental health has become a hot topic. On Stress Awareness Day, you can make a TikTok showing 5 tested ways to deal with stress, and if it's possible, include your product in that list. For example, if you're an app designer, show how your app will help people deal with the burden of their work.
  3. Then, World Kindness Day is a great holiday to blow our own trumpet: let your followers know what kind of charity events you've organized this year, or how much you've donated. As an alternative, you can set up a dog food collection point in your office and show off how many cans/bags you've collected in a post. It would be a great move to also photograph your team members with some dogs when you go to drop off the boon at the shelter.
  4. Provided that your brand has always been inclusive, or now makes it an important point in their campaign, show that off on International Day for Tolerance. Maybe that would be having a multicultural team that allows you to strive towards a more open approach. Additionally, if you made some efforts in the past, you can relive them in your posts that day.
  5. People love to see the soft side of businessmen. Therefore, your post strategy for International Men's Day should celebrate the kind and gentle nature that men try to conceal on a regular day. Let your male employees talk about their values (those not connected with business). For example, they may talk about the importance of family, mental health, friendship etc., or speak against the toxic masculinity culture.
  6. Praise your employees on Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day. Make a post on LinkedIn and show off the special skills of your colleagues and workers. Be precise, brief, preferably a bit jocular from time to time. Don't forget to tag or mention everyone!
  7. It's no secret that on Thanksgiving everyone shares what they're thankful for. Therefore, a good idea would be to thank your team, work colleagues, or mentors in a LinkedIn post, or make that a thread on Twitter. In that way, you'll show you value them and also prove you're great at networking.
An Insta post on how to deal with stress
How to deal with stress

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday is when you should unleash a great promo code, a sale, or give some product (or a sample) out for free! It's best to plan ahead and really work on your social media communication strategy at least a few weeks before. During that particular time, it may be really difficult to reach a greater audience organically, so try to diversify and use paid ads as well. Remember that users are used to really big reductions on Black Friday, around 40 to 60 percent, or "buy one get one free" special offers. Hence the question: which platform should you turn to?

  • Make your team research current TikTok trends and gauge how ads are doing in the app. Evaluate whether your product is a good fit for that particular platform (e.g. like social media tools, apps, clothes, language learning tools, pet supplies). Think about a paid collab with a popular TikToker.
  • Look through Facebook groups centered around ideas/products close to your brand. Shoot the admins a message with an offer regarding an ad on the group. Maybe one or more of these groups already has your perfect audience congregated in one place.
  • Additionally, try to make some vaguely promotional video for TikTok or Reels, or try to fit in in a trend circulating at that time. If Instagram TV will be already available to you, don't forget to post there as well.
  • If you run a blog or a YouTube channel, make on overview of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and include yours, too.
  • Do you have a small business and you make TikTok videos where you show how you pack each parcel? Then, find a negative comment about something and show how it's unsubstantiated by simply showing off your whole process. Show how carefully you make each iteam, or videotape you scrolling through a page of 5-star reviews. Tiktok really likes any kind of "drama."

Holiday Marketing Calendar 2021: Do #12daysofchristmas

Firstly, every marketer knows that December equals promos and a busy schedule. If you want to promote your business Instagram in December, the best way would be to join the #12daysofchristmas, #12daysofgiveaways or #12daysofchristmasgiveaway trends. Use them any way you see fit, but keep it merry and holiday-themed. To those that haven't ever done this before, you have to make a post a day during the 12-day advent period before Christmas (December 13th-25th). Of course, it cannot be just any post, you have to prepare a strategy for that occasion.

  • Provided that you run a small business, you can let your followers know the ins and outs of your production. You can plan each aspect for 1 of 12 days. Use carousel posts or videos whenever possible. Do a #12daysofchristmasgiveaway, even if the prizes will be nominal. Observe and learn what 12 days of consecutive posting do to your account.
  • Ask your followers what they would like to get as a holiday present. If their answer will mention one or more of your products, offer them a promo code, and write a reply to their comment like "Check your DMs. Another way to innocently market your own products would be to gather the answers mentioning the best and most popular of your products and offer a secret promo code for your shop in the last image of the carousel post.
  • Let the users know that people who comment each of your #12daysofchristmas posts will receive a free ebook (if you make ebooks about marketing, social media, etc.).
  • If you run a Facebook group for your brand, do a holiday giveaway/contest. Don't forget to change your Facebook group cover for that occasion. What is more, you can schedule that same cover to your main fanpage, so other users see and join the group.
  • Yet another way is to share an interesting piece of data or brand stats for each of #12daysofchristmas. In the same manner, you can celebrate and remind people of each of your key improvements and successes of that year. December is a great time to recap all that matters.
  • Moreover, on each of 12 days advertise one product at a reduced price and let your followers know it's a good time to check out the shop that day.
Holiday Marketing Calendar 2021: a giveaway for #12daysofchristmas
A 12-days-of-Christmas giveaway

Reminder: schedule your posts and get holiday marketing tips!

If you need inspiration for posts, and helpful notifications and ideas, then subscribe to Postfity. We've got Social Tips Calendar, Ideas, and Holiday Calendar ready and waiting for you in our social media scheduling tool. Did you know that with Postfity you can schedule to multiple social media accounts at once? Furthermore, you can schedule to different time zones, use ready-made post templates with hashtags, create images in the Postfity Image Editor, and work with your clients with Drafts! Plan and schedule ahead of time, even several weeks or months in advance.

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