Holiday Marketing Calendar 2020 - Best Holiday Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Sales in the Holiday Season!

October 18, 2020

This year has been strange because of the coronavirus and for sure, the end of the year holidays will be different than last year as well. But even though most events and sales have moved online, you can still use the busy holiday season at the end of the year best to boost your sales! Grab our Holiday Marketing Calendar and see our holiday social media post ideas - guaranteed to boost your sales in the holiday season! ????????????????

Major End-of-Year Holiday dates 2020:

  1. Halloween - 31/10/2020
  2. Singles Day - 11/11/2020 
  3. Thanksgiving Day – 26 /11/ 2020 
  4. Black Friday –  27 /11/ 2020 
  5. Cyber Monday – 30 / 11/ 2020
  6. Christmas – 24 - 26 /12/ 2020

Effective Holiday Social Media Post Ideas

Halloween - 31/10/2020

halloween 2020

Any reason is good to dress up and throw a party, innit? The upcoming holiday celebrates all the spooky and scary things in a fun way. Trick and treating, pumpkin carving, costume parties... how can you use the party vibe to sell more in your business though? ????Add Halloween to your holiday marketing calendar!

Halloween Social Media Post Ideas

#1 Your product styled in a spooky way Splash some blood over your swag, ya'll - it will make good Instagram photos... ????[caption id="attachment_15014" align="alignnone" width="613"]

holiday post ideas halloween

From:[/caption]#2 Halloween-decorated social media profile pics & cover photos

halloween cover

#3 Spooky food and drink for Halloween Parties + recipes ...because no matter who your target customer is, they all *eat* (unless they are dead, of course).[caption id="attachment_15010" align="alignnone" width="500"]

Halloween sandwich

From:[/caption]Get creative with spooky Halloween food and take snaps of it for your social media:[caption id="attachment_15011" align="alignnone" width="800"]

spooky pizza

From:[/caption]#4 Photos of your team dressed up for Halloween parties [caption id="attachment_13631" align="alignnone" width="800"]

Postfity team guys

Team Postfity always looks Halloween-ready in those orange T-shirts, right? ????[/caption]#5 Halloween memes, GIFs & crooked sense of humourBecause it's time to let your hair down. Especially if you don't have any. #hellyeah[caption id="attachment_15012" align="alignnone" width="500"]

holiday marketing calendar halloween post ideas

From:[/caption]#6 - Pumpkin carving contest Ask your audience to carve your logo into their pumpkin and post on social media with a special # - because who doesn't love a messy, commercial pumpkin design?!

????Don't forget our Halloween promo - Grab our 31% OFF Lifetime Discount valid for all Postfity plans, with the code 'halloween20' on that day only! 

Singles' Day - 11/11/2020

Singles' Day

Singles' Day is a new addition to your 2020 holiday marketing calendar. Originally a day to celebrate singledom, now it's a shopping holiday in China that has swayed the entire world economy. We wrote about it in our previous post and how you can use it to boost engagement. Meanwhile, here are some Social Media Post ideas for Singles' Day.

Singles' Day Social Media Post Ideas

  1. Share your breakup story ???? / Reasons why it's good to be single
  2. ????Ask your audience to share their story / reasons
  3. Share a #BetterOffAlone #BetterOffSingle ???? post
  4. Tell your followers they will get a present (special discount code) for each individual story shared
  5. Use Facebook Cover to promote your Single's Day Competition. Remember you can schedule up to 100 Facebook covers at a time using Postfity? ????

Thanksgiving Day – 26 /11/ 2020

thanksgiving post

A national holiday in US, Canada and a few more English-speaking countries, Thanksgiving celebrates gratitude for the harvest and life. Why not add it to your holiday marketing calendar and use it to say thanks to your audience and ask themwhat they are grateful for? 

Thanksgiving Social Media Post Ideas for your holiday marketing calendar

  1. Be personal - say what you are grateful for & ask your audience to do the same in the comments...
  2. Post photos of your thanksgiving food/ dinner and ask your audience to do the same[caption id="attachment_15017" align="alignnone" width="803"]
thanksgiving dinner
  1. #omnomnomnomnom[/caption]
  2. Post selfies of your team celebrating thanksgiving and ask your audience to do the same;

Black Friday –  27 /11/ 2020 

Black Friday 2020

The day after Thanksgiving is celebrated with massive sales in the US. Why not add itto your holiday marketing calendar? Prepare your own too-good-to-be-true Black Friday deal or use any of our ideas below!

Black Friday Social Media Post Ideas

  1. Announce you would add freebies to each purchase made on that day 
  2. Publish a Black-Friday X-mas Gift Shopping Guide 
  3. Publish 'Best Black Friday Deal' guide - with best Black Friday deals for products your target audience may be interested in;
  4. Do a joint venture with a complementary product/service and prepare a joint sales offer

Cyber Monday – 30/ 11/ 2020 

Another shopping holiday in the US to pimp your holiday marketing calendar, surprise-surprise! This time focusing on electronics. While you may be tired of even the sound of the word 'discount', there are some more creative ideas for you to boost engagement in your shopping-tired audience:

  1. Post photos of cute puppies...or kittens. Everybody clicks on a cute puppy/ kitten. Add your discount in the photo description.
  2. Invite users to post the best offers they have found for Cyber Monday in comments under your promo post. This will skyrocket your organic reach for this post and engagement rate. You can also ask your audience to post their own offers.

Christmas – 24 - 26 /12/ 2020

Christmas is obviously a must-have staple on your holiday marketing calendar. But the crowded Xmas season can mean that your audience gets a little tired of the constantly ringing jingle bells... Here are some 'fresh' ideas on how to boost engagement with your social media posts this season!

  1. Christmas Gift Guide for... [your target customer] e.g. We recently did Christmas Gift Guide for Remote Workers
  2. Ask your audience what they would like to get for Christmas - ask them to share in the comments in exchange for discounts
  3. Share photos of Christmas food and the presents they got 
christmas food
  1. Do an 'Advent Calendar' - share a series of posts labelled with a specific #hashtag and give a FREE gift to the person who comments on every post #itsthefinalcountdown
  2. Decorate your cover photo & profile pics with Christmas trinkets - you can easily do it in Canva

Hope this helps get your creative juices flowing ;)

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