Hashtags for TikTok: how to find and use niche tags

September 17, 2021

Do you know what you're looking for on TikTok? Are you a part of a community or maybe you want to be? If you've never heard about planttok or edutok, this article is for you. And if you've heard about these or other toks, come and check if you know all the hashtags!

TikTok uniting the nation

There are 732 million users of the TikTok app. In those few years since it was launched, TikTok has really captured the attention of people of different ages! Let's take a look at the "Distribution of TikTok users in the United States as of March 2021". By age group, teenagers are the biggest user group of TikTok, accounting for 25% of active accounts. Then, second, with 22.4%, come young adults aged 20-29. Moreover, quite suprisingly, adults and middle-aged citizens (ages 30-39 and 40-49). What is more, there are even 11% of TikTok users over 50! Therefore, if you're looking for the best hashtags for TikTok, there are many influential groups of creators you might want to check out.

General trends in hashtags for TikTok

There are always new hashtags trending but it's good to cover all the bases first. You must know that there is a plethora of hashtags related to the For You page. Those include:

  • #fyp — with 14,723.3 billion views,
  • #foryou — with 6972.2 billion views,
  • #fyp — with 3463.1 billion views,
  • #foryourpage — with 770.7 billion views,
  • #fypage — with 245.3 billion views,
  • #fypdongggggggg — with 145.4 billion views,
  • #fypviral — with 118 billion views.

Furthermore, there is a list of very popular and actively used general hashtags that garner a lot of views. They are loosely connected to the Internet culture and can be applied in almost every video. Here you can get to know those who have over a hundred billion views:

  • #viral — 4831.7 billion views,
  • #tiktok — 2116.4 billion views,
  • #funny — 1266.3 billion views,
  • #love — 532.4 billion views,
  • #like — 324.4 billion views,
  • #meme — 269.6 billion views,
  • #follow — 209.9 billion views,
  • #explore — 202.9 billion views,
  • #fun — 196.8 billion views,
  • #cute — 171.9 billion views,
  • #music — 131.1 billion views,
  • #video — 106.1 billion views.

However, as you can see, although popular, these are all also very generic hashtags. Of course, if you want to test the TikTok algorithm, you may post a few videos with just those ultrapopular hashtags listed above. Nevertheless, nobody really knows the algorithm and chances of anybody finding you by those huge hashtags are very low.

Finding the right hashtags for your niche

The first step is to think of all the possible words that can describe your video, and just type them in after the # character. You'll be surprised how many hashtags you can find that way. Of course, TikTok will show only the hashtags with the highest number of views.

Let's take for example the abundance of cat-related hashtags. Those can come in handy not only for the owners, but also for businesses: veterinarians, rescue organisations, groomers, pet toy shops, pet clothes online stores.

A different, but also very simple strategy is to copy hashtags from the videos from your niche that perform well. If you see a TikTok on the For You page that has the same theme as yours, then borrow the hashtags. However, if you want to attract viewers from your country, then perhaps also search for regional hashtags in your language.

You can also read our other articles on TikTok hashtags and driving traffic to your website from TikTok.

Hashtags for TikTok in the Explore tab

Some people who are new to TikTok do not know that there's a whole tab or page dedicated to the newest and most popular trends. Be sure to take a look at the most liked effects, because people can look TikToks up by hashtags, sounds, and effects! Every additional layer is another chance to get noticed.

What is trending right now? Well, #ABBA made a great comeback thanks to the actual band members starting a TikTok account.

Always track the hottest new tags, because they receive more views and get on the FYP.

Explore page

Find hashtags on dedicated websites

There are quite a few websites where you can search for the best hashtags for your TikTok. There's one that is very user-friendly: tiktokhashtags.com. It's not just a list of the most popular hashtags, it's a search engine for popular tags for each niche.

You'll get ready hashtag packages to copy like these ones below:

Hashtags for TikTok from tiktokhashtags.com

And then, underneath there's a whole table of other best hashtags for that category, with numbers of posts and views listed.

Hashtags for TikTok from tiktokhashtags.com in a table

What is more, at the bottom of the page you will find other popular related hashtags.

Related hashtags for TikTok from tiktokhashtags.com

Additional tip: share your TikToks on other platforms!

It's a great strategy to use your other social media to promote your TikTok, especially if you've already got a group of followers on Insta or Facebook. And the best way to share a link or a saved video to other platforms is scheduling it with Postfity. Find out about all the amazing features Postfity has got for you in our Knowledge Base or join our 30-day FREE trial!

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