How to grow your Twitter following *fast* - from 0 to 3000 followers in 4 months

July 4, 2020

If you're running a social media agency - a lot of your clients may want you to help them grow their Twitter following. Fast.This is exactly the mission I had to do a few years ago in my agency. And here's how I grew my client's account from 0 to 3000 followers in just 4 months.I got Andy, one of our phenomenal US copywriters, to work on the clients’ Twitter account. On top of Hootsuite for the regular scheduling of Tweets, we used Tweepi – one of the tools recommended by Adam Paciorek in his book ‘How to get your first real Twitter followers in 25 days or less’.

Thanks to this method, we managed to get over 3000 new Twitter followers for the client in about 4 months.

If you need to grow your Twitter followership fast - the most effective way to do this is via allows you to find the right Twitter followers and follow them automatically, as well as unfollow people who don't follow you back (here are some other tools as well)

Hey, wait...

Shouldn't I be sharing valuable content and entering into meaningful conversations, aka building relationships on Twitter?!

Are you telling me I should use some gimmicky lifehacks instead of building relationships?!

The short answer is: No.I agree value in your Tweets is the key factor to your strategy's success BUT you need to achieve a certain critical mass before your value starts reaching anyone.

Tweepi helps you automate certain mundane processes: finding the relevant people to follow in your niche/industry, following them, and unfollowing those that don't want to engage with you.

If someone you follow follows you back, it means they are potentially interested in what you have to say. If not, then it means you're not invited to be friends with them and enter into conversations with them, so you leave them alone and unfollow them. The rest - you want to see in your feed and enter into conversations with. You need those 1000 initial followers to get the ball rolling - then you talk to them, they retweeet you, more people join the conversation and follow you, and you start building your tribe. This strategy gets you started. You need some social proof (it feels a bit weird to retweet someone who has 1 follower, right?) and you need *some people* to talk to. Tweepi simply helps you:

  • choose the right people to engage with
  • automate the process of engaging with them
  • automate the process of leaving alone the people who clearly don't want to talk to you anyway (= unfollowing those that don't follow you back).

Growing Twitter following using

Twitter video
  • To use Tweepi, first sign into Twitter. Then visit, and log in. Choose to log in via Twitter. Authorize the app, and then you’ll be taken to thedashboard.
  • The two most important activities here are populating the Twitter “pending follower list,” and unfollowing users who don’t follow you back.
  • Adding followers on Twitter

On the Tweepi dashboard, click “Show Follower Recommendations.” Set up Tweepi to recommend 150 followers per day based on keyword clusters. View the recommended followers list.

  • Add each user to the Twitter pending follower list. Then go to Twitter, view lists, view members of the list, and add all of the members as followers. Don’t try to add more than 150 followers per day. This can result in Twitter penalties.
Unfollowing users on Twitter

On the Tweepi dashboard, find the number at the top for how many users your account follows. Under that will be a link to the number of users who “don’t follow you.” Click that link. Remove the criteria “Last actiondate.”

  • Navigate to the last page of users (to avoid unfollowing users that you have just followed).
  • Click “unfollow” for each user, working backwards from the final page of users.
  • Tweepi recommends not unfollowing more than 400 users in a day. I find it most effective to unfollow about 300 users every Monday and Tuesday, as that allows time over the course of the week and weekend for newly followed users to follow-back.

In conclusion...

The rationale behind using Tweepi to gain your first followers. The key is of course to engage with them and build relationships later to see conversions, tools can only help you automate certain mundane processes (e.g. scoring Twitter for profiles publishing content on relevant topics, following them), it won't do the qualitative work for you.Now, if you’d like to read more about Twitter, here are some more extensive resources (while I’m gonna do what I do better. Like how to create a content marketing strategy. Or stuffing my face with peanut butter.)

👉 Wanna grow your Twitter following faster? Use Postfity to schedule your Tweets - now with Twitter videos as well!

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