From Facebook to Twitter — and vice versa: How to change a post

October 1, 2021

Do you want to learn how to post to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously? You've been racking your brains on how to change a tweet to a Facebook post or the other way around without switching the accounts and going from one app to another? Then this article is for you.

Posting the same post to different accounts

Everybody who knows their apps is aware that you can post e.g. from Instagram to Facebook and FB stories. However, what should you do if you want to change a Facebook post to a tweet? Do you actually have to switch from Facebook to Twitter? Can you post to both platforms at the same time?

Well, you can, if you have Postfity social media scheduler. You simply log in, connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and then click on their two icons in the menu to schedule the same post to two platforms at the same time.

Facebook to Twitter: posting to both platforms at once

As you can see, you can select more platforms, like Instagram, LinkedIn and VKontakte.

Facebook to Twitter: changes in the post

Obviously, Facebook and Twitter are vastly different platforms and their main difference is the character limit. Every Twitter poster know, that tweets have to be short, because they can fit exactly 280 characters. However, Facebook posts can be very, very long. Then, how should you change it?

For example, you may write a shorter version for Twitter, and then simply develop it and add new details to be posted on FB. You can then either schedule one by one, or simply use the "Edit" option on a post that's already in the queue.

Facebook to Twitter post changes

Facebook to Twitter: reusing a post

What if you could reuse an earlier post and publish it on another platform without looking for it on your timeline? Well, if you have a Postfity account, you have access to the archives of all your scheduled content. Then, you only need to type in some key word(s) like "hotel" or "Facebook marketing" in the archives search bar, and then simply click the "Reuse" option. It will allow you to make any changes you want to the content, and select the account (and platform) you want to post it to. What is more, you can even add a picture or a video...

Reusing an existing post

...or even create a whole new image in Postfity's image editor! There's an entire image database available in the tool.

Image database in Postfity Image Editor

Facebook to Twitter: Snapshot generator

Have you been thinking about finding a way to easily change any post into a visual form that resembles a tweet? Well, Postfity's got that covered, at no additional cost for the user. Simply use our Snapshots that are available as an option glued to the edit box.

Change your Facebook post to a Twitter post

Curious to see what the finished product looks like? Well, you can choose the style that suits your post the most.

Facebook to Twitter: change your posts with Snapshots

Remember that it's been proven that tweets with pictures and videos perform better and attract more engagement on the platform!

Facebook, Twitter... and much more!

Let’s analyze all the other features and functionalities of Postfity. See what you can do with the tool and why you need it. With Postfity you can:

  • schedule and publish to multiple profiles directly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and VKontakte;
  • make drafts and a pending list of up to 10,000 social media posts;
  • use the calendar view to manage your posts, publish and plan posts for each day of the month;
  • work with a team, grant different access levels, and send draft packages for approval;
  • post photos and videos to your profile;
  • edit your photos or create new images with a built-in image editor;
  • watermark your photos with a built-in tool;
  • create Snapshots from posts to share on Instagram and other social networks;
  • link to multiple pages at once in Instagram and TikTok bios with;
  • save and add group of relevant hashtags with Snippets;
  • use Ideas and Social Tips Calendar with ready-to-use texts, hashtags, and images to engage your audience daily.
Postfity's Social Tips calendar

Reminder: schedule your posts easily

All of the options listed are available for Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, you can schedule Facebook covers and post to Facebook groups with Postfity. Just think of all the new options and possibilities! Don't wait any longer, sign in to get a 30-day free trial.

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