Find out why do people unfollow you!

September 22, 2014

Have you ever asked yourself why do your subscribers start to unfollow you? Let’s check the usual mistakes people do in Twitter, so the amount of their subscribers falls down dramatically. Larry Kim was mentioning some reasons people are unfollowing you, so let’s take a detailed look on that.


1. You talk and think only about yourself

People while posting usually concentrate themselves on their own page, product or service, trying to convince everyone around how cool and sexy their product is. Let’s face it – no one likes pushing from marketing side, especially in social networks. Twitter is such a huge social arena, that we do not have time on reading or liking so many selfish posts. It is cool that you underline your strength and benefits, however do not forget about your subscribes! It will be more effective if you will start commenting their posts, liking their comments and adding them to favorites. Twitter is the network which first of all connects people and share their vision publicly, but not supplies blind followers for your page.

2. You are boring

The most common problem is that you do not share any useful or even interesting information. Imagine you have a subscriber Bob, who liked your page, has some expectations about information he can find on you are your source. What he find there is – info about you, pictures with you, news about you and tones of posts related to your awesome service or product, liked only by yourself. What Bob will do after 2-3 days? Yes, he will unfollow you, and will never come back again, and tell others don’t waste their time on you.So please, go out of the box, share information which could be helpful. Your subscribers want to find some interesting& fresh information, so give it to them.

3. You are not participating

This mistake is related to mistake number 2, you need to keep balance between posting news about your business and about other useful information for your subscribers. You can share tweets of other people, leave comments, participate in discussion, be a part of your community you have created. Show your subscribers on your own example that it is better to be active follower and share your opinion on various things.

4. You are not diplomatic in your comments

You know, it is great if you touch different topics in your SM discussions, however if you are not careful in choosing the topic, you can loose some of your subscribers. Such topics are politics, religion etc.

5. Your subscribers missed you too long

It may happen that your followers missed you, they haven’t hear from you, and finally they gave up and found someone more interesting. Make sure you share posts, information on the regular basis. Do not forget that it is easy to be forgotten if you disappear for several weeks.

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