How to Find a Good Facebook Post Manager

November 30, 2020

Social media platforms are a great tool for your businesses because they serve as free sign post and offer a sense of inclusivity to your customer base. However, if you don't understand how to navigate digital content—i.e., your Facebook posts—you're going to sink rather than swim in a sea of competitors and keyboard warriors.

If you want to use your business Facebook page to elevate your brand, you're going to need a little help. That help should come from a Facebook post manager.

Read on to learn more about what a Facebook post manager does, why you need one, and how to find a good one.

What Does a Facebook Post Manager Do?

A Facebook post manager—not to be confused with social media management apps such as Postfity (try is for free btw!) — is essentially someone specializing in managing social media for business accounts.

Social media managers represent each business by acting as the "voice" of the business's brand. They take on the responsibility of responding to comments, creating content, gathering some marketable data, and designing social media campaigns. They typically do this for your business across multiple social media platforms, but you can find managers who specialize in the most essential channel to your business.

Businesses usually hire social media managers or in this case, a Facebook post manager, when they have clear goals involving the optimization of their website traffic and brand awareness.

It wasn't too long ago that this job title didn't exist. Now, social media is king when it comes to brand awareness, personalized interactions with customers, product and service reviews, general news, and information. Most businesses rely on Facebook to build a community of referrals as it's the most popular social network online.

With Facebook, each curious lead and each successful sale comes equipped with an entire friends list. Each of those "friends" also has an entire friends list, which creates a built-in network that serves as free advertising reaching potentially thousands—if not millions—of eyes.

Why You Need to Hire Someone to Manage Your Facebook Page

Facebook page social media post manager

We live in an incredibly fast-paced digital world, and social media moves at the speed of light. If you're wondering why you would need to hire a Facebook post manager for your business, ask yourself: How will I keep up with my Facebook posts and reviews on top of my regular workload?

It's important to understand the perspective of a social media manager compared to your own here. You may have the vision and the business know-how, but that doesn't necessarily mean you've got the stamina for customer service via social media.

Trust us, a lot goes into curating relevant Facebook posts, and connecting with your customer base on a personal level that makes them feel like they're a part of something.

Here's why you need a Facebook manager in a nutshell:

A Good Facebook Post Manager Will Be Your Key to Communication

Your Facebook post manager's primary role is to determine the proper frequency and relevancy of your intended posts for increased brand awareness. However, they're also the ones who will be engaging, responding, and listening to your audience.

That means they'll be learning your customers' pain points and helping you put out fires that you wouldn't have known existed until it was too late. In other words, they're on your customer service frontlines, helping you convert potential leads and unsatisfied customers into successful sales and happy customers.

Good Facebook Post Manager WillStrategically Help to Develop Your Brand Identity

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Part of your Facebook post manager's job is to curate relevant posts that resonate with and attract your target customers. As they gather more information on your customer base, they'll create strategic posts that build a connection to your brand—which builds trust and loyalty.

The Best Facebook Manager Will Know How to Up the Ante on Your Aesthetic Appeal

From your profile picture to your team photos, a good Facebook post manager knows how to create a visual aesthetic that best represents your brand and is attractive to your audience.

A Pro Social Media Manager Will Know All the Promotional Strategies For Success

Social media managers can also give you an excellent insight into promotional tools such as paid advertising, influencer marketing, and more. They know which avenues work best to build brand awareness, and they likely have their own network of contacts to get the job done.

What to Look For in a Facebook Post Manager

Not every social media manager is good at what they do. Your future Facebook post manager should have the following skills:

Digital Content Marketing Experience

The ideal Facebook post manager is someone with digital content marketing experience. Without experience, how can they conceptualize a successful social media campaign? There's quite a bit of research and data analysis involved, especially when it comes to optimizing for organic search traffic.

Make sure your Facebook post manager comes with a proven track record! The proof is in the portfolio, in this case, and it’s ideal to do your homework when vetting any applicant’s credentials. If you find that your branding and imagery needs an overhaul, too, consult a freelance designer hiring guide to navigate the process with confidence.

Excellent Communication

Communication is key—and this goes for both your customer base and your team. A good Facebook post manager understands that communication is the core of all social media platforms.

What's more important is that they're able to communicate while remaining true to the voice of your brand. They must be able to incorporate trending topics, handle disgruntled customers, engage in conversation, and effectively communicate their strategy and implementations with you and your team.

Familiarity with Social Media Scheduling Tools, Facebook Ads and Budgeting

When interviewing your potential Facebook post manager, you'll need to inquire about the tools they use for things like data analysis, SEO, market research, etc. A good post manager will come equipped with a sound knowledge of social media scheduling tools and will know how to automate the processes of posting on social media for higher consistency.

  • Ask the candidate for social media manager what their favorite social media scheduling tools are and why. They should be able to talk about the differences between them and the benefits of using one over another.
  • Ask your Facebook post manager candidate how they have improved organic reach and post engagement in their previous/ current role.
  • Make sure the candidate for a Facebook post manager knows how to manage a Facebook Ads Budget. Ask them about their most successful Facebook Ad Campaigns and why it was successful.
  • Ask them about their favourite Facebook Ads strategy .

Superb Writing Skills

Digital conversation is an underestimated art.

The best Facebook post manager is a superb copywriter and content writer. They should be able to not only encompass your brand's voice but enhance and embolden it.

Outstanding Organization

Organization as a Facebook post manager is non-negotiable. They're responsible for strategizing a campaign plan accordingly with a timeline to develop your brand awareness. They should know which are the best times for posting certain content, the frequency, and how to adapt to changing events.

Once you assemble a top-notch Facebook management team, social media worries will be a thing of the past.

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