Could we feature you in an article on our blog?

Advice is best when it comes out of the mouth of someone who achieved success.

We all want to learn from the best – someone who walked the walk, and can share real-life experience, best practices and tips from the trenches.

That’s why case studies are so popular – they show the real steps someone took to achieve real results.

can we feature you on our Postfity blog?

Are you a Social Media Marketing Ninja? Share your knowledge with the Tribe – and promote your business to over 20,000 people – for FREE

We know a lot of our users are total pros when it comes to social media marketing – a hot area that can make a massive difference to any business owner.

That’s why we are inviting you to share your business success story on our blog:

  • tell us about your business,
  • how you use social media to communicate with your audience, market your products
  • your biggest wins & best practices (your ‘BIG achievement’ + steps how you got there)
  • how Postfity helps you in achieving your goals


We are looking forward to hearing from you and reading your story! 🙂