Fashion around the clock - how Alvanon use Postfity to post to audiences in different time zones

March 12, 2020

I'm meeting Anna, a Marketing Associate of Alvanon, at 4:30 p.m. GMT. But while the working day is almost over in London, it's early morning in the New York, where Anna is based. And it's a late evening in Hong Kong, the HQ of Alvanon's third office.

Anna paone alvanon

Alvanon is a fashion-tech company, focused on the body and its application and implications in the apparel industry. It has developed a unique and innovative body data-driven approach, with a consumer-scanning element, to solving the challenges of sizing and fit inherent in the fashion industry.

Since 2001, it has dedicated itself to body shape data research and has gathered more than 1.5 million body scans in 30+ countries, most recently, in China, Colombia, Costa Rica and the US. Combined with its deep apparel knowledge, this has allowed Alvanon to develop thousands of fit standards for hundreds of brands globally.

One of its projects is disrupting the ready-to-wear apparel industry with its library of 'virtual bodies' body forms in all the shapes and sizes, created through 3d imaging technology. Thanks to a library of nearly 6,000 body images, expert consultations and workshops - Alvanon helps the fashion industry (especially the plus-size niche) create the perfect-fitting sizes for each market.

Alvanon body form postfity

And here's the crack of the issue: the 'average body size' is very different across the globe. While the average American woman is size 14, it is not the same elsewhere. Moreover: the sizes worldwide are not really compatible, as there's so much more to the perfectly fitting dress than just the hip-waist-bust measurement.

Also - apart from the different sizes - the audience in each zone is interested in different content.How does Anna manage to post different content at different times, to audiences in all the different timezones - and to several social media platforms at the same time?She uses Postfity - a social media scheduler that allows her to schedule different content to different audiences, based on timezone and interests.For instance, in the US - the audience is often interested in plus size fashion, while in the UK - about sustainability and fast fashion.[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="|,|,|,|"]

"A lot of tools had complicated interface  - I needed something simple"

Postfity scheduled posts Dec 19

As you can imagine - with three markets to promote to - Anna doesn't have any time to waste. Hence - she was looking for something that didn't require a sharp learning curve:"A lot of tools had complicated interface - I needed something simple"Anna used Hootsuite before, but was looking for something less expensive to start with, and something that would scale with the company:"At first I challenged myself to schedule 10 posts every day. It worked, so we moved from the free account to professional."RELATED: How ShortList Recruitment boosted organic views on LinkedIn by 2,666% [CASE STUDY] 

"We get a lot of DMs from interested parties"


When it comes to results - Alvanon saw an uptick in followers on every channel -Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and particularly on Instagram - since the fashion industry is very image-based.This translates into a lot of messages from potential customers, who find Alvanon through the great content shared on social media with the right hashtags. And it wouldn't be possible without Anna's consistency - and a little help from us on that ;)The company also noted a marked increase in post clicks - which has a direct effect on traffic:

Screenshot (124)

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