Facebook live – What you need to know as a marketer?

January 1, 1970

Facebook live is kindly new tool for marketers, his coming out was in August 2015. At the beginning, it was available just for the small groups. It let you create a video content on a live stream, it’s quite similar to one offered by Periscope before.It’s very simple to use. One thing you need to have is your mobile phone, then you have to press the button “live” and that’s all.If you decide to write few words in “What’s on your mind” section – it will appear as a description which goes out on the newsfeed and notifications.During your broadcast, you will see how many people is watching you and what’s their reaction. When you decide to end your broadcast it will be saved on your timeline as all another video you uploaded before.There are some tips directly from Facebook, how to be prepared well for live stream

  • Tell your friend when you’re going to broadcast
  • Go live when you have strong connection
  • Write a compelling description before going live
  • Ask your viewers to follow you, so they will receive notification when you’re live
  • Broadcast for longer time periods to reach more people
  • Be creative and go live more often

Generally, that’s kind of technical part of the advice. If you want to see how people do that, you can check you broadcast online for this moment. To check it just go Facebook live map here : https://www.facebook.com/livemap/You can also check some examples how brands use this tool – to connect, engage and inspire fans.For example, look Chevrolet case study:ChevroletChevy's new electric car was teased at CES back in January 2016.Product launches are a great use case for live streaming, where super fans can get the scoop before anyone else.https://www.facebook.com/chevrolet/videos/10153831975917296/I want to share with you, 5 important tips you should do to achieve success in Facebook live streaming.1) Your video should be long enough to stickPoint is that the longer broadcast you make, the more people can join for your stream and spread it among its friends.2)Say or show something interestingOne thing is to attract an audience, but the second is to keep them watching you.3) Engage your audienceTalk to them, ask them questions, check what content is the best for them. If you want to increase your audience, you have to listen to them4)Promote you stream across the platformsUse the other communication channel to inform you audience that you’re going to stream live and maybe you can also say what will you be talking about.5)Encourage them to subscribe your channelThanks to this option they will get a notification when you will start streaming.

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