Facebook issues at Postfity

We are currently experiencing issues with our Facebook application.

Yesterday (21th November) our Facebook app has been disabled by Facebook. We contacted Facebook right away. We are currently awaiting for their response on that matter.

Please note, that we are not sure why Facebook hides all the content on the timelines when they lock the app that was used to schedule that content. In our opinion that shouldn’t be happening in any case, as single posts and apps that they are published with are separate entities.
Our appeal to Facebook included that query as well.

If you lost any posts on your fan page timeline – please send the message to Facebook through this form https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/377211842296337?_rdc=2&_rdr

We are deeply sorry about your inconvenience, we hope issues will be resolved soon.

UPDATE (28th November)

Fortunately, Facebook has enabled our app. All your previous posts on Facebook timelines should be visible again.

Publishing new posts to Facebook from Postfity remains disabled from our end – before unlocking it, we first would like to establish with Facebook support team why exactly app was disabled in first place, in order to prevent similar situations in the future. Once that is done, publishing to Facebook will be enabled.

Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE (6th December)

We have restored publishing to Facebook. New daily limits of publishing have been implemented:

  • Facebook: 25 posts / day
  • Twitter: 800 posts / day
  • LinkedIn: 100 posts / day
  • Google+: 100 posts / day
  • Instagram: 100 posts / day
  • Xing: 100 posts / day

Postfity Support Team