FB Analytics to Discontinue Service

April 12, 2021

If you do any marketing on Facebook, you probably know Facebook Analytics very well. It allows you to analyze the results from your marketing activities on Facebook. Therefore, the information about its deactivation caused quite a stir.

So far, Facebook Analytics has been the best tool for measuring the results of and assessing the quality of your marketing activities on Facebook. What's more, Facebook Analytics was extremely easy to use. All you needed was to install pixels on your website to collect all this valuable data. The icing on this analytical cake is also the cost of this tool. In fact, its lack, because you can use Facebook Analytics completely free of charge. It is not surprising that since the introduction of Facebook Analytics - its popularity has been growing steadily.

Facebook analytics is closing on 30 June 2021. What now?

According to the Facebook announcement, the service itself will be available exactly until June 30 this year. Until then, you can use Facebook Analytics. You can view statistics, download reports, and export charts and tables. However - and this question is asked by many marketers today - what next? Facebook Analytics is a comprehensive analytical tool. It allows you to track website traffic, monitor user behavior and their response to advertisements on the website, application and on the Facebook page. Therefore, the question arises as to what to replace this tool with. According to Facebook itself, there is no need to worry as there are other business tools that can help you understand your audience and their behavior. Within Facebook itself, these are:

Facebook Business Suite that allows you to manage your business accounts on Facebook and Instagram. You'll find information about your audience, published content, and trends.

Ad manager, which is an ad management tool. It allows you to create ads, make changes and display the results of all campaigns, ad sets and individual ads on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to the data from the ad manager, you can also analyze the results of your campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and in the Audience Network.

An event manager that will be helpful in configuring Facebook's business tools, e.g. Facebook pixel and conversion API. It will help you manage them as well as report actions taken on your website, app and store.


Facebook Analytics will be turned off on the last day of June. However, Facebook Analytics is not the same as Facebook Page Insights or Ads Manager, so you don't have to worry about losing all your data. You'll still be able to check your usual audience, engagement, content, and ad metrics as before. The only difference is that you will do it in different tools. Nor will you be able to integrate all of this data to trace paths and off-page data.

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