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Facebook - disabling support

January 1, 1970

Due to recent events (described previously here) we have made the decision to remove Facebook as a supported platform from our application until further notice.Reasons for this action are as follows:

  • Postfity app on Facebook (needed to access API, which allows our users for publishing to their FB pages, authenticating with FB, etc.) has been unjustly disabled by Facebook, without providing single proof or valid reasons for such an action;
  • every attempt of contacting Facebook support ends with receiving vague, copy-pasted messages that provide no actual answers. It looks like they either use bots for their customer support or their employees just don't know the reason for blocking our app, or just don't care;
  • this is a second time it has happened to us, other apps are being banned as well. This situation clearly makes Facebook's API unreliable for our use case, where availability of publishing content is a crucial feature.

Facebook timeline posts gone?

Apparently Facebook hides all user's past posts when they block the application, which was used for publishing of those posts. We strongly disagree such approach, as single posts and apps that they are published with are entirely separate entities. We have appealed to Facebook several times to unlock user's past posts, but no action was taken by Facebook.If you've lost your fan page timeline posts – please send the message to Facebook through this form:, asking to unlock your posts published by Postfity.We honestly wish we could do more to enforce such an action, but it is not something we have a control of, as unlocking content is entirely up to Facebook.You can browse all your past posts published with Postifty in our archive page: (tab "Posts archives")

Used Facebook to log in to Postfity and can't access your account now?

Since our FB app has been locked, Facebook based authentication doesn't work any more. If you used Facebook to log in to Postfity before and can't get it to Postfity any more, please go to: use your FB profile's email account. Email to page where you can set your password will be sent to you. After setting password, you will be able to log in to your Postfity account.Regards, Postfity Team

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