How to engage your fans on Facebook?

October 18, 2016

You have a great fanpage withhigh amount of fans but… when you post there no one reaction.Well, this is quite a common problem. We want to give you some tips and tricks which may bring back to life your audience.For the beginning, you have to review your content and ask yourself what kind of information is it?Is it really interesting for them?Do they really want to click and check for more? Did he stop eyes on my post during scrolling Facebook?Did he stop eyes on my post during scrolling Facebook?

  1. Balance your content

If all the time your posts look similar, this no pictures, just text it stands to reason that your fans will begin to pass them over for content that looks different and more interesting. You have to provide them various type of information’s – live photo, movies, interesting articles, your own thoughts, link, interviews, news etc.Still remember about balance. Remember that you have your goal – every post should fulfil your aims.

  1. Post regularly and often

Facebook algorithm works the way that if you post often regularly, your post will appear more often to your fans. If they see interesting content more often they will startto react.You see, this is like chain – every element is connected to another.If you want to post often you should plan your posts before – think about it more and be prepared. Check out our app ( which will help you to plan your post and manage your social media channels in one place.

  1. Experiment with content

Check what is the best for your audience. Try many types of posts, images and later compare it to each other. Be creative and provide conventional presentation of your thoughts.Surprise your audience and check what they really like! 

  1. Play with your audience

Launch simple contest! Buy a prize. Ask them about how did they spend last evening or ask them prepare something for you. All the answers they should post on comments. The winner will be the one who will write the most creative answer.Let them have fun with you!

  1. Timing

Check out when your fans are online and post on the moment they are scrolling Facebook, so they can interact with you. Maybe you think you cannot be online 24h per day… no worries, we can help you to manage this. Check on Facebook analytics about your fan activity and then use our app ( and plan your post on the best timing for your fans :)Enjoy!

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