How to create an engaging social video - tips

April 8, 2018

Creating an engaging social video might be hard these days, especially when video is the most common way of expression. After doing some research we do have some tips for busting your social video!

Why it is hard to reach out and make the social video viral?

Socialmedia video started around the beginning of 2013, same as the awareness of Snapchat existence, and fast video sharing. As social media were evolving - the video content did too. Year by year marketers started to use this trend and for now, 87% of online marketers use video content and only 1.2% of videos go viral on Facebook.


7 seconds is the time for you to attract the audience. Think about potential viewers, and what could interest them within few seconds. The outlook is going fast, they stay with you or they scroll it down. Give the overall information or upload fun blooper. Putting the title overlay at the beginning of the video is one of helpful things.


Important thing is that most of people watch videos on mobile, and because of the old Instagram square photos, right now the hot figure is square videos. No matter if they are made as a meme (square withhorizontal video and black or white stripes above and under with some text) Square videos get 275% more views, 482% more shares, 523% more comments, and 349% more reactions than the average. Remember that!


Yes, that is right.More people are watching on their mobile, for example 90% of Twitter video views happen on a mobile device. They also like to know what they are watching, trend of text usage in social videos appeared when Facebook has turned on videos autoplay on timeline. Mainly people scroll over the Facebook page to look for something useful or funny. 85% of users will at some point watch video with the sound off few of them will play it again with sound on.

Great example of text and square form is this video aboutpig WeeWee.


Do some research, check what time are your fans available, what time they are online on social media. Timing is the key!It is easy to check their availability through your own social media fanpages. Scheduling is easy. Use Postfity, create an engaging text, upload your masterpiece and schedule for the rush hour!


...what type of video are you looking for, what would your clients or fans would like to see. Don’t give them empty information, or few minutes of puppies (unless you’re a dog shelter or animal coach…???? )Research might be a key for the inspiration. Check the statistics, look for the most popular video of yours, and the competition. Knowing what is going on in your industry on social media is important, don’t forget to use it while processing creativity.Here we have an excellent example of real-time marketing from Chiquita

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