How to create an effective LinkedIn Hashtag Strategy in 2021

Hashtags on LinkedIn are quite new – they were introduced in 2018. LinkedIn Hashtags work differently than on Instagram and Twitter – you can use them in your articles (up to 5) and ‘updates’ (posts). It is not possible to add or edit hashtags after posting.

  • Go to ‘Hashtags trending in your network’ to discover the relevant hashtags for your audience – choose ‘My Network’ and then ‘See all’ under the ‘Hashtag’ section.
  • Do not use more than 5 hashtags in your posts.
  • Alternate between the popular or trending hashtags and niche long-tailed’ hashtags.
  • Look for business hashtags – see our best business hashtags
  • If you have a local business use some location-related hashtags
  • Look for hashtag inspiration in LinkedIn’s suggested hashtags – the social medium will suggest the best hashtags based on your content.

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