Why covers on your social media pages really matter?

March 8, 2018

"Don`t judge the book by its cover" that is what people say. Does it work in reality? For sure not in the virtual one. Nowadays social media are books of the 21st century and in this case, covers are one of the most important elements of visual communication.

Catching attention by cover photos

Let`s ask ourselves a question: Do cover photos really matter? Some of you would probably say "they do not". It’s just an image, a photo or a graphic, which is meant to catch someone’s attention… exactly! That’s the point – CATCHING ATTENTION is the most important in social media reality. Of course, you can do it in two ways:a) directly

b) adroitly

Personalization of the brand by cover photos

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter etc. All of them allow the user to personalize his or her brand by giving a possibility to create and change their cover photo whenever it’s necessary. Of course, in case of brands and companies, it is recommendable to be consistent with visual communication. However, personal profiles are not so restricted in sense of communication coherency. Because we usually place covers on the top of the page, it is inevitable that these are going to be visitors’ first impression, and consequently, first association with the brand that stays in memory for longer.

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Gaining engagement by adjusting your cover photos

Social media communication has its own demands. When it comes to people, an image that is created online doesn’t have to correspond with the person in reality. When it comes to brands it is important to visualize it’s potential and show consumers what they want to see. It is essential to attract them with something that they desire or identify with. Sometimes it’s also good to follow the ‘wow effect’, which is using an extremely shocking cover image. That`s the first step to engage someone in a relationship with the brand. Eventually, you can at least encourage someone to read the description box on the website or make someone click on the profile out of pure curiosity. However, it’s very necessary to be careful not to cross the limit of good taste.As a conclusion, answer yourself a question: Why covers on social pages really matter? And then check your own page keeping in mind what you’ve just read ;)

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