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August 22, 2018

Content Marketing is what generates most of traffic online. People want to read and hear meaningful things. Don’t let anyone think it’s different. Audience is smart enough to skip unworthy messages. Giving your followers/customers the right information and knowledge should give you more traffic than some shallow sentences.Postfity gives a possibility to create few messages at one time, what are you planning to publish is up to you.

Reuse your old content:

Use old blog post, the topics are mostly still valid and you can earn new traffic for older posts. Even more, not every blog post was read by your audience, it can be still fresh for them.

Post Question on Quora:

You can quickly highlight your knowledge and be viewed as an expert. Give a response, then leave a link to your blog explaining where viewers can gain more insight into the topic. Or start a new discussion.

Guest Blog:

Guest blogging still works, but your content must be super-valuable and relevant to their audience to be effective. Find bloggers and influencers in your industry who are looking for authors to add to their site. Or, simply build relationships and ask for these opportunities if they're not openly publicized. Offer examples of your work to show credibility."B2B companies that blogged 11+ times per month had almost 3X more traffic than those blogging 0-1 times per month." – hubspot

Go Live on Social Media:

Live-streaming video is generating massive engagement on social media. People are spending three times longer watching live video than traditional ones. Live video brings a level of authenticity and transparency to your content marketing.

Create Guide:

Tips and tricks always win. Creating a guide will help your future customers move around your platform. If it's not an online platform, write an useful information about how to communicate with the company (for example brief) or what they can do to make their job easier.

Few of our favourite content marketing examples:

Land Rover Stories: Rover gives all the content for fans and future riders. Showing capability of the cars behind a story makes people believe why these Land and Range Rovers are so admirable.Showing car test makes brand transparency. Best test so far: Dragon Challenge.

Reynolds Kitchen Instagram phenomena behind this Instagram is how awesome is the idea and how perfect it looks.Reynolds Kitchen is a company with kitchen supplies. They mostly share tips&tricks and recipes.

CoffeeDesk PolandProbably the best blog about Coffee on the entire planet. If you want to know what’s going on in the coffee world check out this page.They write about different kinds of coffee, but also about Barista Championships, tips which coffee machine to buy or how to brew coffee while you're traveling. Lot's of information for coffee lovers.CoffeeDesk is an online shop (coffee/ tea/ accessories) and a cafeteria in a few places in Poland.

Denny's Diner far the best content marketing for restaurant we have ever seen. Graphics designs are extremely creative and fit to the topic.How you can win your audience? Make them engage with your post and make them laugh! Denny's does both.

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