Calendar view in social media management – best way to get clear overview of your posts.

From the very start, here at Postfity we knew what our goal was – to make social media management as efficient and easy as possible.

Fast scheduling and queuing posts are main things to achieve that goal, another is to provide clear overview of your planned social media content.

Social media calendar
Month calendar in Postfity app

Definitely one of the best ways to do that is to give users possibility to switch views between normal posts list, month calendar or single day view. If you have just few posts planned, then normal list is probably enough for you.
If you have lots of posts scheduled – you will get best total overview after switching to month view. It’s not just that – you can also easily reorganise your posts with drag & drop method.

We released those calendar views one month ago, now they have been improved a little bit.
Just for your convinience there is also full screen switch button added 🙂



Check new views out – you can find buttons for switching just above your posts lists:

Calendar view - social media mangement








Many of you asked for that feature, if you have some other ideas how we can make Postfity even better – let us know! 🙂